Sep 14, 2018

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Efforts to Enhance the User Experience at Stadiums and Arenas with Electronic Ticketing to Be Launched

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation and PIA Corporation (hereinafter PIA) have launched efforts to enhance the user experience for sports, entertainment, etc., by means of electronic ticketing for a wide variety of services at stadiums and arenas (hereinafter stadium services).

Japan's stadiums and arenas presently require many manual steps to confirm entrance tickets and purchase goods, food, and other items, and the operators of these facilities face difficulties in improving operations and services for stadium spectators. By collaborating to centralize information in ticketing services, which form the entry point for stadium experiences, and the information from facilities and devices inside the stadium, Panasonic and PIA plan to develop and promote a wide range of new stadium services together with various business partners. Concretely, services such as gate confirmation, route guidance, cashless transactions, activities, etc., can be linked to information via electronic ticket devices (smartphones, contactless IC cards, wearables, etc.), for more comfortable and more pleasant use of facilities. The companies also aim to develop services that further enhance operations with labor-saving improvements and greater efficiency.

The first step for these efforts will take place on November 24, 2018, with the soccer game of Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company J1 League, which pits Gamba Osaka against V-Varen Nagasaki at Panasonic Stadium in Suita, Osaka. This will verify the practicality of the new stadium services. See the next page for details.

Panasonic is moving forward with the development of facilities for sports and entertainment, together with IoT devices for facility operation and security, gate terminals, mobile card payment terminals for shops, etc. It is also developing a variety of services to raise the value of the user experience. PIA's core business focuses on ticketing for sports and other forms of entertainment, and offers solutions aimed at groups and corporations for performances and sports, as well as support for venue management and the creation of content. Both companies maximize their strengths to link services with ticketing while collaborating with a wide range of partners to contribute to the areas surrounding facilities and to boost local economies. From this viewpoint, efforts are aimed at developing comprehensive stadium services.

Conceptual Diagram of the Stadium Service Platform

Verification Summary

Panasonic and PIA will work jointly with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company, Limited to verify the operation of the Stadium Service Platform to provide entry to approximately 30,000 home spectators (*1) using electronic ticketing for the official J League game described below. Presently, about 57% of Gamba Osaka spectators enter the stadium with paper tickets, with stadium staff visually checking the face of the ticket. When spectators temporarily leave the stadium, they are managed with a re-entry stamp. The stores and food shops inside the stadium are able to handle cashless purchases, but the usage rate is only about 10-20% (on a transaction base).

For this verification test, all of the spectators will use fan club cards, smartphone QR tickets, wearable tickets or other forms of electronic tickets. Using these ticket devices, the spectators will have a new stadium experience, starting with a smooth stadium entry, the use of an international brand (*2) IC prepaid settlement (*3) service to pay for goods and food, and participation in various activities.

Target game

Verification date/time
November 24, 2018, 14:00 kick-off (tentative)

Verification date/time
Panasonic Stadium Suita

Verification topics
  • Will this service lead to raising the user experience for spectators?
  • How can the stadium management make continual improvements via digital marketing?
  • How can the quality of facility usage be improved, and fan engagement be created?
Verification content
  1. Verify the stadium experience with a wearable electronic ticket featuring a prepaid function.
  2. Verify the reduced burden in stadium management from a mobile multi-reader authentication terminal.
  3. Verify the cash register efficiency and alleviation of crowding at goods and food shops due to cashless settlement with an international brand contactless IC prepaid system.
  4. Verify the practicality of stadium activity services using electronic tickets.
  5. Verify the possibility of digital marketing based on the history of visits, transaction settlements, and activities.

Gamba Osaka Co., Ltd.

*1 Visitors not included.
*2 An international brand card that can be used anywhere, both inside and outside Japan (trademark). International brands that can be used in Japan include VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, and Diners Club.
*3 50% of VISA settlements made at the tournament venue of the 2018 FIFA World Cup were contactless.
Mastercard contactless roadmap announced. Usable at 8 million shops in 111 countries.

Actual Event Report (added on Nov 28, 2018)

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