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Strategic Move to Ensure a Prosperous Future: Panasonic's Carbon Neutral Challenge

Jan 18, 2021

The creation of a decarbonized society is essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As such, increasingly more companies are attempting to become carbon neutral. Panasonic has been addressing environmental issues for quite some time. Its factories in four countries around th... Read More

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For Peaceful Enjoyment of Exciting Games: Facial Recognition System at Danish Football Stadium

Jan 15, 2021

Football is a sport full of emotion. Unfortunately, in some cases, this can lead to extreme behavior, creating an atmosphere that scares away normal fans and families. Panasonic was able to provide a solution that helps create safety and provide peace of mind for all the fans. Read More

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It's Not Just for Cooling - Panasonic's Innovative Mist Solutions

Dec 24, 2020

As a countermeasure against Japan's increasingly hot summers, Panasonic introduced to the market a cooling mist solution to create cool spaces outdoors. The "Silky Fine Mist" is a super fine dry mist that does not feel wet to the touch. But recently, the solution has begun to go... Read More

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Technology for a Sustainable Society

Helping to Eliminate Poverty with "Electricity and Light" - Off-grid Solutions Project

Nov 17, 2020

It is said that around the world there are approximately 800 million people who live without access to electricity (according to the 2019 data from International Energy Agency as of November 2020). From 2013 to 2018, Panasonic undertook the "100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project" to provide "light" t... Read More

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