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Vision Statement from the Regional Representatives for Europe

Apr 12, 2021

The barrier that the finalists from Europe have selected to overcome is "decreased viewers and engagement due to lack of sports knowledge." In a video message sent to the "SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS Preliminary Event in Mirror Field" held on March 9, 2021, they explained that they would like to make it ... Read More

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Panasonic Key Technologies

Panasonic VIXELL Cooling Boxes - Helping to Beat the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Apr 09, 2021

As soon as the global threat from the coronavirus became apparent one year ago, the race was on to develop vaccines that would offer protection and allow normal life to resume around the world. Understandably, much attention has since focused on the incredible speed at which these vaccines have bee... Read More

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Video Review

Panasonic's (MU)ROOM Spatial Solution Helps Guests Meditate and Relax at a Kyoto Hotel

Apr 08, 2021

Panasonic has developed a spatial solution called (MU)ROOM that allows hotel guests to experience mindfulness. Partners UDS Hotels have installed (MU)ROOM at one of their hotels in Kyoto, providing guests with a spiritually rich experience. Read More

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Event and Exhibition Key Points

Developing the Ability to Give Shape to Ideas - Education for the Coming Generation

Mar 30, 2021

As society becomes more complex and difficult to predict, it is becoming increasingly important for children of the future to be able to "identify society's challenges themselves and act positively to find solutions." Panasonic, which has for a long time contributed to society w... Read More

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Solutions Wherever You Go

Enjoy Professional Roasting Techniques at Home with "The Roast"

Mar 15, 2021

Wouldn't it be great if you could enjoy coffee beans from around the world right at home? Better yet roasted by a master roaster. If you love coffee, this is an offer you will not be able to resist. The Roast is a service that makes coffee lovers' dreams come true. We talked to a representative at... Read More

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