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Leaders in Action

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace - What It Means for Millennials and Generation Z

Nov 26, 2021

Celebrating Global Diversity Awareness Month, four future leaders from Panasonic's global offices engaged in a discussion on the importance of DEI and how to move the agenda forward in Panasonic. Read More

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Panasonic Key Technologies

Helping to Make Automated Workplaces Safer

Nov 18, 2021

With birthrates in Japan continuing to decline, the country has resorted to innovative ways of addressing the shortage of labor. One approach, workplace automation, has led to more humans working in close proximity to robots. Read More

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Technology for a Sustainable Society

Why Hydrogen Is Essential in the Global Journey Towards Net Zero

Nov 09, 2021

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), hydrogen has a vast potential to become a critical part of a more sustainable and secure energy future. These findings are increasingly being turned into ambitions. For example, the 'EU Hydrogen Strategy' will see the EU prioritise green hydrogen... Read More

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Executive Spotlight

Panasonic's Fundamental Strength a Stepping Stone to Growth

Nov 05, 2021

To prepare the way for its transition to a holding company in April 2022, the Panasonic Group introduced a new structure on October 1, 2021. We asked Yuki Kusumi, Group CEO, the steps Panasonic is taking to enhance its competitiveness and contribution to society and the future direction of managem... Read More

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