Mar 31, 2020

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Robotics for Well-Being: Panasonic to Host a Virtual Panel Session

[Recorded Live] Webinar: "Robotics for Well-Being" - SXSW 2020 | Panasonic (Addedn on April 14, 2020.)

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation has announced a virtual panel session titled "Robotics for Well-Being," which will be streamed live on zoom webinar on April 9 at 10am Japan Standard Time. The session had been originally planned to take place at SXSW 2020 in Austin TX, but the entire event has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

Mr. Takeshi Ando, Head of Panasonic Aug Lab, and his distinguished co-panelists believe that the current situation makes the topic of the planned discussion even more poignant: how robotics can contribute to human wellbeing. Despite the initial setback, the speakers feel strongly about sharing the panel content with fellow industry leaders as well as the wider public.

Panasonic Corporation fully endorses this initiative and is actively supporting the virtual panel session. In the current situation, where exchanging ideas and inspiration is more important than ever, we continue our search for new forms of open innovation and enabling human interaction. This session is a reflection of our dedication to this purpose.


Join from here.
Date & Time:
[Tokyo/JST] April 9, 2020, 10am-11am
[Austin/CDT] April 8, 2020, 8pm-9pm
Original session that would have happened at SXSW 2020 is here.


Ann Greenberg

Ann Greenberg
Ann is a digital media pioneer who has significantly advanced the democratization of media with her work as an entrepreneur, inventor, and thought leader. Co-founder of ION and Gracenote, Ann's passion for empowering audiences through new forms of interactive entertainment has shaped her entrepreneurial endeavors and inventions. The mission of Ann's current company, Entertainment AI TM is to "merge human and machine creativity to engage a new generation." For more information:

Harold E Puthoff

Harold E Puthoff
Hal is President & CEO of Earth Tech International. PhD from Stanford in 1967 as physicist in lasers. Having worked for the CIA and the NSA, his present activities range from theoretical electrodynamics, gravitation, and quantum vacuum to innovative energy generation and space propulsion. For more information:

Takeshi Ando

Takeshi Ando
Head of Panasonic Aug Lab. Having obtained a PhD from Waseda University, Takeshi's work is informed by his experience as a researcher in varied settings: medical, agricultural and lifestyle. Takeshi studies how AI, robots and human-assisted devices can improve our wellbeing on physical, emotional and social levels.


Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar
Mr Kumar is Partner at Kizki Fund and at GAP. With 35 years in R&D, Financing/M&A, and Strategic Partnerships, he consults startups, SME and corporations in EdTech, Biotech, MEMs, Robotics and Content. He was a serial entrepreneur, a VC and GM at TI.

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