May 18, 2020

SXSW 2020

SXSW 2020 Mar 15-18, 2020, Austin, TX, USA (Canceled)

Here's the idea list which Panasonic was going to exhibit at SXSW 2020.

* All introduced products here are under development.
パナソニックがSXSW 2020に出展予定だったアイデアの一覧です。(ここで紹介の製品はすべて開発中のものです)

Robotics for Well-Being - a virtual panel session

Available to watch the recorded-live.
Date & Time: [Tokyo/JST] April 9, 2020, 10am-11am / [Austin/CDT] April 8, 2020, 8pm-9pm
Original session that would have happened at SXSW 2020 is here.


Photo of Takeshi Ando

Takeshi Ando

Panasonic Corporation

Photo of Ann Greenberg

Ann Greenberg

Entertainment AI™

Photo of Harold E Puthoff

Harold E Puthoff

Earth Tech International

Photo of Sandeep Kumar

Moderator: Sandeep Kumar

Global Ascent Partners

For more details: Robotics for Wellbeing: Panasonic Corporation to host a virtual panel session

Game Changer Catapult

AiryTail - Mask-shaped air purifier

AiryTail is a mask shaped personal air purifier that can purifies the air for both motorcyclists and the people around them.


Swallowee - Automatic beverage thickener for dysphagia support

Swalowee is a quick and convenient solution for thickening beverages for people who have difficulties in swallowing.


nafeee - Gel nails treatment with convertible adhesion base coat

nafeee is a nail friendly solution that allows to remove gel nails in about 5 minutes by using a special base coat and UV light.


DrawNet -Online service for creative education through drawing

Drawnet provides a place to nurture creativity by collaborating with creative instructors (pro creators, artists, etc.) to increase the enjoyment of drawing.


New Lighting Project

Mellow Changing - a new lighting

With liquid paint that imitates the structural coloration found in the world of nature, we can manipulate light and exhibit the mellow transience of color.
The paint can be applied to both the light source and illuminated object, then it creates novel attractive lighting ambient.


ILLUMME - Illumination in any direction and color

It illuminates 360°, for limitless visual expression.
Full-color LEDs arranged in all directions of the sphere are controlled independently.
Software directs light throughout the space, transforming it.


Panasonic β

Connected Homeware OS

English version

日本語版 / Japanese version

This is Connected Homeware OS which makes your life better.
Connected Homeware is Panasonic's answer to the need for an integrated, personalized home experience. By combining functions under the entire home environment, Connected Homeware can deliver an optimized home solution that is fine-tuned to the needs of each individual. This creates a more comfortable and entertaining environment. And, by connecting to a platform such as HomeX, Connected Homeware delivers a seamless experience to users.

Connected Homewareは、あなたのくらしを良くするソフトウェアです。

FAN - Feel there.







Part of the Connected Homeware product lineup that connects with Panasonic's HomeX platform, this furniture-like fan delivers a comfortable breeze of air with speeds and temperature set by the user. A separate service will enable this first-stage product concept to be updatable at any time through a smartphone app.


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