May 31, 2016

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Panasonic Moves Up in the Annual Forbes Ranking of Powerful Brands

NEWARK, NJ, U.S. - Forbes Magazine ranked Panasonic Number 82 on its list of the top 100 most valued global brands in 2016. Panasonic led a number of other famous brands on the list. The ranking considers brand management, business development and a three-year average of financial factors in the annual valuation.

This impressive achievement was made possible by a three-year midterm management plan, initiated in 2012, that called for attaining an operating profit and free cash flow. Fortunately, this was achieved in only two years as Panasonic returned to profitability in fiscal 2014.

The company has now outlined its growth strategy for the next three years, during which it plans to focus more on the BtoB segment including battery technology, which is found today in nearly every major electric car, avionics, professional AV solutions, such as LED displays in stadiums, and a new disc-based technology for data storage, named freeze-ray.

According to the Forbes data, the Panasonic brand value increased by 13% over the last year. This enabled Panasonic to jump 11 places from its 2015 ranking. Also notable is the fact that, of the 100 companies on the list, only 8 are Japanese enterprises. Panasonic's technical innovation and solutions expertise are credited for the rise on this year's list. It will be extremely interesting to see how far these and other dynamic capabilities will drive Panasonic up the Forbes list next year.


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