Nov 13, 2015

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President Kazuhiro Tsuga Ranked 30th in the FORTUNE Businessperson of the Year 2015


Osaka, Japan - On November 12, 2015, the business magazine, FORTUNE, announced this year's top 50 "Businessperson of the Year." Highly valued for his leadership in structural reforms and business strategies, Panasonic president Kazuhiro Tsuga has ranked in 30th place. He is the only businessperson from Japan that made the list this year.

FORTUNE takes into consideration 10 metrics such as each company's stock performance, leadership style, strategic initiatives, the influence it has, and expert opinion in compiling the Businessperson of the Year ranking.

"After boldly bucking Japanese corporate culture to save his company through massive layoffs and brutal cost-cutting, Panasonic president Kazuhiro Tsuga has spent 2015 reshaping the global electronics giant--long known for its consumer products--into a growing, profitable provider of business-to-business systems, housing, and 'green' innovation (including a high-profile partnership with Tesla Motors to build electric batteries.) In three years under Tsuga's leadership, Panasonic has returned to profitability, restored its dividend, and doubled its stock price. Now in expansion and acquisition mode, Tsuga, a 59-year-old Panasonic lifer with a passion for "muscular" cars (he earned a masters degree in California), has set a goal of boosting the company's annual sales by nearly 30% from its most recent full-year results, to 10 trillion yen (about $80 billion U.S.), by fiscal 2019."

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