Jul 06, 2015

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"China Panasonic CSR Report 2014" Received an Amazing "5 Star Rating"


Beijing, China - Panasonic Corporation of China (Panasonic China) released the latest "China Panasonic CSR Report 2014" on its corporate website on June 30, 2015, which describes social and environmental initiatives undertaken annually by Panasonic companies in China. This is the third time Panasonic China has released the regional CSR report, and this year the report received a "5 Star Rating," the highest rating given by Chinese Expert Committee on CSR Report Rating. This is a step up from the "4.5 Star Rating" received in 2013.

Panasonic China published the first regional CSR report in 2013 to disclose its CSR performance and achievements with the utmost transparency. With the publication of the CSR reports, we also want to deepen Chinese people's understanding for Panasonic and create a reliable and positive brand image in China.

This report has been created in accordance with the China CSR Reporting Guidelines CASS-CSR 3.0- Appliance Manufacturing Industry, which were recently published by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The report, with the theme, "Creating a better life, Sharing a better world," explains Panasonic's CSR management strategy including policies, promotions, and CSR fulfillment, and makes vivid and detailed disclosure of results from FY2014 (the year ended March 31, 2014) in several key chapters like "Our Responsibility Leads to The Future," "We Offer You a Quality Life", "We Bring to Life a Green Lifestyle", "We Help Create a Happy Life."

In creating the CSR report, we sought advice from a wide range of experts, academics in the CSR field, NGO representatives, and enterprise representatives, and the report has also been highly praised by focus group participants.

The publication of the "China Panasonic CSR Report 2014" is a sign that Panasonic China has taken a solid step towards the establishment of a social responsibility management system unique to Panasonic.

The Chinese version of the report is available on the CSR website in PDF version, downloadable either entirely or by major chapters, so that users can save or print the content according to their interests: http://panasonic.cn/csr/report2014

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