Nov 10, 2023

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October 2023 TOP 5 Engagement

Changing seasons and changing the world! Discover our Top 5 Posts from October:
Celebrate over 450,000 students and 7,500 educators worldwide empowered by Panasonic’s STEM Forward program with Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky, promoting STEM for a positive impact.
View our vision for a circular economy and eco-friendly tech at the Corporate R&D Technology Forum, including Novitek, Perovskite solar panels, and kinari as we work to address environmental challenges and promote sustainability.
Learn how Panasonic’s Board of Directors is guiding our path towards “the big picture” and long-term growth following our transition to a holding company structure.
Get a taste of the Table For Two (TFT) initiative, where, since 2009, Panasonic has helped address food imbalance by donating the cost of a school lunch to developing countries for every reduced-calorie TFT Menu meal consumed in a developed country.
Explore our sustainable food tech innovations, featured on World Food Day, from appliance-food subscriptions to Bio CO2 transformation and more. All highlighting our commitment to addressing overfishing and adopting a “Nature Positive” approach to food security.

No. 1

Team Panasonic Katie Ledecky: “Be Creative and Learn As Much As You Can Every Day” 

—Posted on October 12, 2023

In its inaugural year, the “STEM Forward with Katie Ledecky and Panasonic” program reached over 450,000 students and 7,500 educators worldwide, encouraging them to make a positive impact on society through the application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This year, Olympic swimmer and fellow STEM graduate Katie hopes the program reaches further and inspires more of the younger generation to contribute to society.

During Katie’s recent stay in Japan to participate in the 2023 World Aquatics Championships held in Fukuoka, the Panasonic Newsroom Global team had the opportunity to meet and talk with her about her passion for STEM and her partnership with Panasonic on this program.

As a member of Team Panasonic, Katie has a powerful message to young people, “Try to be the very best that you can be.”

No. 2

How Visionary R&D Is Shaping the Future of GREEN IMPACT

—Posted on October 2, 2023

The recent Panasonic Corporate R&D Technology Forum revealed our vision for a circular economy embedded in the earth’s own “nature loop.” Our GREEN IMPACT activities are leading the charge with innovative eco-friendly technologies for a greener world.

Bio CO2 Transformation will soon revolutionize agriculture through Novitek, a biomolecule spray, which boosts crop yields while addressing carbon neutrality. Perovskite solar panels are set to redefine energy efficiency and aesthetics, seamlessly blending into new and existing architecture. Plant-based kinari is a versatile material for fabricating numerous everyday items now made from petroleum based products, and will set a standard in the viability of a circular economy.

Panasonic knows it takes local and global collaboration to tackle environmental challenges. Join us in our dedication to bringing about a greener, more sustainable world!

No. 3

Conversation between Chairperson Kazuhiro Tsuga and Outside Director Kazuhiko Toyama: Evolution of the Board of Directors

—Posted on October 17, 2023

Panasonic recognizes the crucial role that its Board of Directors plays in guiding strategic direction with independence and objectivity. Recently, Panasonic Holdings Chairperson Kazuhiro Tsuga and Outside Director Kazuhiko Toyama discussed the fascinating history of the Board’s evolution.

The board’s new focus on the “big picture” is the result of the transition to a holding company structure, empowering its members to “reverse engineer” planning for growth in the medium to long term.

No. 4

Panasonic in Numbers: Meal-Sharing Program

—Posted on October 16, 2023

Globally, an estimated 800 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition, while close to 2 billion people struggle with food-related lifestyle diseases.

Table For Two (TFT) helps eliminate food imbalance by donating the cost of a school lunch to a developing country for every reduced-calorie TFT Menu meal consumed in a developed country.

Panasonic Group has been supporting TFT since 2009, creating educational opportunities for children in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, and the Philippines by donating over 28 million yen and providing 1,429,000 school meals.

No. 5

Discover Panasonic’s Innovations in Sustainable Food Technology

—Posted on October 13, 2023

Our convenient “foodable” appliance-food subscription service, the life-changing DeliSofter soft-food cooker, and Bio CO2 transformation for increased crop yields and food security are leading the way. Discover how employee-driven innovation is making quality eating accessible, while our initiatives to address overfishing is making “Sustainable Seafood” practical in Japan. We’re also taking a “Nature Positive” approach to Bio CO2 Transformation technology that boosts harvests and helps resolve food-shortage issues.

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