Oct 13, 2023

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Discover Panasonic’s Innovations in Sustainable Food Technology

Panasonic’s commitment to innovation extends into the realm of food technology, with a range of groundbreaking initiatives. From the inventive “foodable” subscription service that combines appliances with curated foods, to the DeliSofter soft-food cooker that aids those with dietary challenges, to a sustainable “insect meal” protein product, the company leverages employee-driven innovation through its Game Changer Catapult (GCC) program. Panasonic also addresses overfishing through “Sustainable Seafood,” while its “Nature Positive” approach to Bio CO2 Transformation technology boosts harvests and helps resolve food-shortage issues.

  • A unique appliance-food combination called “foodable” is an innovative subscription service that combines kitchen appliance rentals with curated food items, offering customers diverse food experiences
  • Panasonic orchestrated “co-creation and expansion” by collaborating with over 40 food industry partners to develop the service, expanding beyond rice offerings to include premium courses and bakery options
  • The foodable service also reflects Panasonic’s commitment to sustainability by refurbishing and reusing returned appliances, while promoting well-being and addressing food-related social issues

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  • DeliSofter by the GIFMO Company is an appreciated kitchen appliance that makes foods soft enough to let people with chewing or swallowing difficulties enjoy a variety of foods, including meats and vegetables
  • The cooker was conceived through Panasonic’s Game Changer Catapult (GCC) program, which encourages employees to propose innovative business ideas for societal benefit, highlighting the company’s commitment to employee-driven innovation
  • DeliSofter addresses a specific dietary challenge and promotes a “quality-of-eat” lifestyle, significantly improving the lives of people with eating difficulties by enabling them to savor a wide range of visually appealing foods while preserving taste and nutrition

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  • Panasonic’s Game Changer Catapult (GCC) program motivated Osaka-based employee Ron Whiteford to leverage his passion for sustainability and business development to propose a unique solution for society’s benefit
  • Ron’s startup focuses on cultivating black soldier fly larvae to produce “insect meal,” an eco-friendly protein ingredient for animal feed and pet food, which is nutritious, complete with essential amino acids, and has a lower environmental footprint than traditional livestock farming
  • The project also leverages Panasonic’s energy-saving lighting and manufacturing technologies, essential for reducing CO2 emissions and providing new value to society through unconventional thinking and practical solutions

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  • Panasonic takes initiatives in ocean conservation and “Sustainable Seafood” harvesting practices to address issues related to overfishing and promote responsible seafood sourcing
  • Panasonic was a pioneer in introducing the concept of Sustainable Seafood and corresponding food products into its corporate cafeterias in 2018, serving as an inspiration for other companies
  • Fostering reforms in both corporate and personal consumption to align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14, Sustainable Seafood raises awareness about overfishing and change consumer behavior

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  • Breakthrough Bio CO2 Transformation technology is a proprietary biochemical process that addresses the world’s growing need for foodstuffs while taking a circular approach to carbon neutrality
  • This technology is among the first tangible manifestations of Panasonic Holdings’ vision to contribute to the nature positive realm, the new R&D area in which Panasonic Corporate R&D Division is taking initiative to get ahead of the game  
  • The innovative process converts atmospheric CO2 into plant growth-promoting biomolecules that enhance crop yields when applied as a spray and holds great promise for solving food-shortage issues

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