Oct 16, 2023

Panasonic in Numbers / Feature Story


Panasonic in Numbers: Meal-Sharing Program

Globally, an estimated 800 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition, while close to 2 billion people struggle with food-related lifestyle diseases. 
TABLE FOR TWO (TFT)* helps eliminate food imbalance by donating the cost of a school lunch to a developing country for every reduced-calorie TFT Menu meal consumed in a developed country.
Panasonic Group has been supporting TFT since 2009, creating educational opportunities for children in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, and the Philippines by donating over 28 million yen and providing 1,429,000 school meals.

*TABLE FOR TWO (TFT) is a global initiative to eliminate food imbalance through a unique program of sharing meals between developed countries and children in developing countries. For each one of healthy TFT-branded meal served in developed country, 20 yen is donated to provide one school meal for a child in need.

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