Jun 10, 2019

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Panasonic Stages Intelligent Living Space at KBC 2019

Shanghai, China - As the largest exhibition of kitchen and sanitary equipment in Asia, the 2019 Kitchen and Bath China (KBC), Shanghai was held from May 27 to 30 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. It was an extensive international event showcasing the direction in which the kitchen and sanitation equipment industry shall progress, and at the same time a fantastic stage on which science and technology have brought the kitchens and baths of people's dreams into reality. As an entity of focus in the industry, Panasonic was invited to this exhibition and had its housing businesses division participate with the aim of offering new solutions for consumers' homes.

For KBC this year, Panasonic's housing businesses division created a living space with quality, politeness, warmth, affection and consideration by incorporating the most advanced technologies, under the theme of "Panasonic's intelligent house contributing to a healthy life." That is to say a new lifestyle with excellent quality.

Stroll in Exhibited Living Space to Experience Intelligent Life

The living space fabricated by Panasonic was so designed to make people fully relaxed and allow them to have optimal rest. All the kitchen and sanitary products pursue intelligence and user-friendliness in every detail to bring about an unconstrained, natural experience new to everyone. This is only possible in a living space consistently devised by Panasonic.

Panasonic New Products Attract Attention

Star products featured in this exhibition included the second-generation all-in-one health appliance, the 2F7 drawer-type dish washer and the L-Class line of kitchen cabinets. They were unveiled not only to meet the expectations of consumers, but also to update the public on Panasonic's core intelligent technology which has realized these pieces of equipment. Panasonic impressed the visitors with these exhibits that manifested the company's leading position in the industry.

The second-generation all-in-one health appliance presented the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) to the audience. A revolutionary model in the Panasonic health monitors, this machine is equipped with functions such as body fat measurement and urine check, as well as the monitoring of cardiac electricity, heart rate and oxygen level in the blood. These data can be displayed on the armrest-attached screen and also on a mobile phone with the designated application. The user can see every change in his/her health condition and utilize the data in the kitchen, resulting in leading a healthy life navigated by the device. Panasonic's scope of helping users to maintain good health by grasping physical data will in the future expand to bath and light kitchen products, which Panasonic plans to have supplement each other and connect with the artificial intelligence. Panasonic will build up an ideal living space for people by integrating advanced technology and human life.

The 2F7 drawer-type dish washer incorporates nanoe X technology, which enables highly effective disinfection and odor removal. nanoe X (nanometer-sized water-borne ions), measuring 13 nanometers in diameter, has a water content of 1,000 times that of negative ions. Because it is an extremely small particle, it permeates through the skin and fibers, effectively removes bacteria and odor, helping the family maintain their health.

In this year's KBC, Panasonic not only displayed the improvement and development of its products, but also suggested a beautiful lifestyle. The combination of the comprehensive layout of the exhibiting area, meticulously prepared presentations, on-site cooking demonstrations, and Panasonic's endorsement of celebrities visiting the site well expressed the theme of "Panasonic's intelligent house contributing to a healthy life." By producing an example of the ideal kitchen and bath, Panasonic enabled people to fully understand the beautiful changes in lifestyle that would be brought by Panasonic. With a history of 100 years, Panasonic is confident in putting forth products with higher intelligent technology, which are friendlier and gentler to users.

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