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Nov 22, 2023

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Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan Panasonic Group Pavilion “NOMO NO KUNI” Tagline, Logo, Concept Video, and Narrative Unveiled

Panasonic Holdings Corporation has unveiled the tagline, logo, concept video, and narrative that will be used for the Panasonic Group Pavilion NOMO NO KUNI at the 2025 Japan International Expo (Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan).

The Panasonic Group is developing its business to realize “an ideal society offering material and spiritual affluence.” The name of the Panasonic Group Pavilion, “NOMO NO KUNI” (English: “The Land of NOMO”) is based on the idea that “how you perceive something changes considerably based on your mindset,” and that “minds and objects are like mirrors.” At NOMO NO KUNI, the Group will seek to provide opportunities for every child to find “the strength to believe in themselves and the courage to take the first step” through experiences that change their mindsets.

Based on this idea, the Group came up with the tagline “Unlock your nature,” as well as a concept video, a narrative, and the NOMO NO KUNI logo.



The tagline “Unlock your nature” has been developed to clearly express the kind of experience that people can look forward to at NOMO NO KUNI. “Unlock your nature” expresses our hope that through the experience of NOMO NO KUNI, children will be able to free themselves from various restrictions and stereotypes and expand their imaginations.

Concept tagline “Unlock your nature”


The logo expresses the dynamism of that moment when children, who have unlimited potential, are stimulated by their experiences in NOMO NO KUNI and open their minds to new possibilities (“Unlock”), the underlying message being that how we perceive things changes in a variety of ways depending on our mindset.

The logo design expresses changes in mindset, perspective, and perception

NOMO NO KUNI Concept Video

The NOMO NO KUNI concept is “Set your heart and mind free, and the world will open up.” A new concept video has been developed to explain the ideas behind the tagline, logo, and narrative. 
Concept Video:

NOMO NO KUNI Narrative

Informed by the desire to offer an experience that can “thrill and excite” children, the NOMO NO KUNI narrative will be created and communicated not only through the actual pavilion experience, but also prior to Expo 2025 so that visitors can immerse themselves in the world of NOMO NO KUNI. The Group is considering turning the story of NOMO NO KUNI into a film or picture book, and the narrative will be directly connected to the exhibition experience. The NOMO NO KUNI teaser site went live today.


NOMO NO KUNI has existed since prehistoric times and is a place rich in nature where various creatures live and thrive. Children who wander into NOMO NO KUNI will be scared if they think it’s scary, or happy if they think it’s fun. This is a mysterious country where “minds and objects are like mirrors,” a place that changes its form according to one’s mindset.


An honors student who suppresses their true feelings to meet the expectations of others. A bright, innocent child who is true to themself but whom others say is “weird.” A quiet child who has an aura of aloofness but also an air of maturity, suggesting a deeper understanding of life. NOMO NO KUNI is a place for children with unique personalities.

Plot Point

It is said that this country is home to a “mysterious butterfly” that only reveals itself to children who come here. For some reason, every child who encounters that butterfly has a sparkle in their eye.

NOMO NO KUNI Online (Tentative name)

To continue nurturing the thoughts and feelings of children “unlocked” at NOMO NO KUNI, the launch of an online co-creation platform that transcends the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds is now under consideration. The tentative name is “NOMO NO KUNI Online.”

“Unlock your nature” also expresses the hope that the Panasonic Group will take a new step forward together with the various people its members will have encountered during the Expo experience. The Group will continue to make preparations with an eye on ensuring that NOMO NO KUNI provides a formative experience for realizing a future society as envisioned by children.

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