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Jan 09, 2024

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CES 2024: Panasonic Group to Exhibit Products, Technologies for Realizing Its Vision for Future Lifestyles

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Las Vegas (January 8, 2024) - At CES 2024, the Panasonic Group will showcase technologies and products that build on the concept of “Create Today. Enrich Tomorrow.” Under the three categories of “Sustainable Energy,” “Circular Economy,” and “Resource Optimization,” Panasonic will introduce concrete facts that will help the Group realize its vision of the lifestyle of the future. The latest products and solutions for enhancing each person’s quality of life will also be exhibited.

As part of its long-term environmental vision, Panasonic GREEN IMPACT ( (PGI), Panasonic is taking an environmentally friendly approach to booth design. For example, Panasonic has incorporated joints made from high concentration cellulose fiber molding material “kinari” into its display tables; these tables will be used not only at CES, but at future exhibitions as well. Panasonic is also minimizing the use of building materials and carpeting.

Live Streaming the Panasonic Press Conference

The Panasonic CES 2024 press conference (Monday, January 8, 2024, 10:00-10:45 PST) will be streamed online at

Main Exhibits at LVCC:

Panasonic Booth Overview

  • Period: Tuesday, January 9 – Friday, January 12, 2024
  • Location: Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Central Hall (#17609)
  • Booth size: 1,412 m2

CES Unveiled Las Vegas:

Shiftall Booth Overview

  • Period: Sunday, January 7, 5:00 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Location: Mandalay Bay, Level 2, Shoreline Exhibit Hall #402
  • Exhibit: HaritoraX Wireless R (Full-body tracker for the metaverse), MeganeX superlight (VR Headset), mutalk 2 (soundproof Bluetooth microphone)

Panasonic CES 2024 Press Kits:

Main Exhibition Booth Highlights:

The main presentation linked to the exhibition lineup will be shown in the theater at the entrance. Dioramas and representative examples will be placed in the center of each category to express Panasonic’s vision for that segment.


Introduces “Panasonic GREEN IMPACT,” the Panasonic Group's commitment to achieving both a better life for people and a sustainable global environment. By reducing its carbon footprint, helping reduce emissions across society, and realizing a circular economy, the Group can ensure that its actions have impact.

Sustainable Energy

By promoting the diffusion of electrification from people’s homes to society, Panasonic will create a zero-CO2 society that does not require fossil fuels and that uses only renewable energy for social activities. These products and solutions will be introduced using projection mapping dioramas.

EV Devices and Solutions

The Panasonic Group will introduce a wide range of in-vehicle device solutions that contribute to the adoption of EVs. The exhibit will use lights and touch panels to intuitively show how Panasonic’s products and technologies are used in various places throughout the car to solve environmental issues and contribute to the realization of a comfortable cabin while promoting safety and security.

Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Since Panasonic’s Air-to-Water Heat Pump collects and exchanges heat from ambient air; it is an environmentally friendly heating system that can reduce CO2 emissions compared to conventional combustion-type heating equipment that uses fossil fuels. 
It is also possible to remotely monitor the operating status of the system, and the Group has established a system that can respond quickly in the event of a problem. Panasonic first brought its lineup to the European market in 2008, and in May 2023, became the first Japanese manufacturer to introduce products that use the environmentally friendly natural refrigerant, R290.

Green Hydrogen Production 

Panasonic is developing high-performance electrodes for water electrolysis systems used in green hydrogen production. 
These electrodes feature a high-activity catalyst material made of nickel-iron layered double hydroxide (Ni-Fe LDH), which achieves high performance without using precious metals. Utilizing electrodes makes it possible to significantly enhance the performance of contemporary water electrolysis systems and substantially reduce the production cost of green hydrogen.

Central Air Conditioning

This is a concept exhibit for the central air conditioning system proposed by Panasonic. Compared to standard whole-house air conditioning, which pumps in air every time the interior temperature changes, a central air conditioning system constantly circulates air at the preferred temperature, ensuring uniformity throughout the structure. Ventilation technology also helps to provide a comfortable and clean air environment.

DERMS: Distributed Energy Resource Management System 

DERMS will leverage the latest IT capabilities to manage the generation and provision of locally sourced green energy to customers at their locations. It will also help counteract the inherent instability of renewable energy output by enhancing energy storage and delivery capabilities. Panasonic’s DERMS solutions will contribute to accelerating the implementation of renewable energy across society. The exhibit will also use panels and videos to introduce Panasonic’s efforts to ensure the safety of DERMS through monitoring and rapid detection of cyber-attacks. 
For now, Panasonic is expanding verification with electric power companies and transportation companies to accelerate verification of business scaling.

Renewable Energy Solution Using Hydrogen

This renewable energy solution uses 5 kW pure hydrogen fuel cell generators, which can be connected in networks of up to 250 units depending on power demand and location. This solution combines these generators with photovoltaic generators and storage batteries for highly integrated control of power generation, adding a storage battery system to manage power supply and demand in accordance with fluctuations in power demand and renewable energy output due to weather conditions. The company plans to start PoC demonstrations at Panasonic bases in the UK, Germany in FY2025.

V2H Storage Battery System

This solution is the first in the industry to support simultaneous charging and discharging of EVs and storage batteries. Integration with AiSEG2 improves self-consumption of photovoltaic power. Features automatic charging of EVs and storage batteries based on weather warnings, and industry-leading self-sustaining output during power outages, to support a near-normal lifestyle.

Perovskite Solar Cells (PSCs) 

Panasonic aims to respond to customer needs by integrating solar power into unconventional spaces, such as windows and walls. PSCs represent a groundbreaking advancement in solar technology, offering a distinctive advantage in terms of their applicability. 
Unique material and industrial inkjet coating technology enables the creation of glass-integrated solar cells, allowing for customizable and versatile designs with high conversion efficiency. Perovskite solar modules of practical size (>800 cm2) have the world’s highest class conversion efficiency*1. With the potential to seamlessly incorporate solar power generation into glass structures, such as windows, walls, and facades, PSCs redefine the possibilities for renewable energy integration.

*1: Certified by Panasonic and an independent third party

Circular Economy

Minimizing the use of resources, extending the life of products, and accelerating circular lifestyles with low environmental impact through systems and services that keep customers connected for a long time. Panasonic’s future approach to consumer electronics manufacturing will be introduced through visual images.

Plastic Reduction

Panasonic is proceeding with initiatives to reduce the use of resin (plastic) based on the characteristics of individual products.

Products Recrafted

With the goal of contributing to the circular economy, this exhibit and video presentation will introduce the technologies that make refurbishing feasible. Applying manufacturing knowledge and expertise cultivated over many years, Panasonic has the technology to recycle used products and the knowledge to ensure quality through inspections and performance tests. In Japan, Panasonic are now verifying recycled products for some of its TVs and washing machines to reduce the number of products that are discarded due to defects occurring during delivery and installation, and to establish a product circulation scheme.

Resource Recycling

Panasonic is building a system that closes the resource loop, from manufacturing to recycling to recycled resin, based on the concept of “From Product to Product”. By determining the characteristics of each recycled PP, PS, and ABS, the company has established techniques that use optimal formulations for resin parts, such as adding the group’s own antioxidants and blending recycled resin with new resin materials. This enables reproduction at a level suitable for home appliances.

Resource Optimization

Panasonic aims to reduce its global environmental impact and build a better relationship with the natural environment by optimizing the use of waste and carbon across the global organization. 

Bio CO2 Crop Growth Technology

A newly developed photosynthetic microorganism transforms atmospheric CO2 into plant growth-promoting molecules that stimulate crop photosynthesis-related metabolisms and enhance yields. The photosynthesis-based CO2 transformation processes address the world's growing need for foodstuffs while taking a circular approach to carbon neutrality.

kinari™ Resin

Development of moldable (pellet-like) materials made from natural fibers extracted from plant resources such as thinned wood and waste wood mixed with resin.
Like conventional resins, it can be molded, colored, and processed, and is expected to find applications in a variety of products.

Reducing Food Waste

Reduce food waste by raising awareness of local foods and building a system that allows local residents to appreciate their “good value.” In cooperation with local governments, the company will provide a food sharing service platform and subsidize the lending of kitchen waste disposal equipment to residents.


Through a food culture tailored to the needs and tastes of each individual, Panasonic will help people adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Microwave Ovens

As one of the leading  microwave brands with Inverter technology, Panasonic is constantly striving to make it easier for families to eat well. Panasonic and Fresco will collaborate to deliver a revolutionary cooking assistant for Panasonic’s multi-functional countertop ovens and will showcase this connected cooking experience in the booth.


Through easy daily self-care, Panasonic will help keep bodies healthy.

EH-NA0J Hair Dryer

The Panasonic EH-NA0J hair dryer, equipped with nanoe™ MOISTURE+ and Mineral, provides moisture to the inside of the hair while mineral ions care for the cuticles, leading to a smooth finish that is resistant to damage. With continued use it can reduce friction damage from brushing, helping to achieve smooth and silky hair. This advanced technology, combined with its compact design, intelligent sensing, and various modes makes it an ideal tool for hair care.

MULTISHAPE Modular System and attachments

The MULTISHAPE by Panasonic now delves into skincare and footcare with new attachments, offering exfoliating and cleansing brushes, in addition to a callus-removing footcare tool. Furthermore, Panasonic is also introducing new detail trimmer and hair clipper attachments. These new heads further expand the possibilities of the modular grooming system, which uses a single rechargeable base to reduce resource consumption by 60 percent. MULTISHAPE thus evolves into an all-encompassing, sustainable grooming device for diverse personal care routines.


The Panasonic ARC3 3-Blade Shaver, with inspiration drawn from the classic Star Wars™ trilogy is packed with cutting-edge technology and a premium stormtrooper-inspired design that mimics the iconic armor of a Star Wars stormtrooper. The ES-SWLT2W includes three advanced Japanese stainless-steel blades that are designed for use on all types of beard hair to provide a close and comfortable shave, even with everyday use.

Palm Shaver

Introducing the Palm Shaver by Panasonic: a luxurious, palm-sized shaver which redefines the shaving experience with its 70% smaller design compared to traditional shavers. This innovative device incorporates Panasonic's advanced 5-blade system and sensing technology for a closer, more intuitive shave. The use of NAGORI®, a sustainable material from sea minerals, in its construction not only helps reduces plastic consumption but also provides a unique, ceramic-like experience.


Panasonic will help make spaces more comfortable with video and audio technology.

Z95A and Z93A OLED Televisions

Panasonic's new flagship OLED TVs, Z95A and Z93A, come with Fire TV built in, offering a seamless blend of streaming, broadcast platforms, and smart home integration -- revolutionizing how you discover and enjoy content. The Z95A features a 65" and 55" Master OLED Ultimate panel module, while the Z93A offers a 77" Master OLED Pro Cinema size, both powered by the new HCX Pro AI Processor MKII for enhanced picture clarity and color accuracy. These TVs also set new standards in gaming with a 144Hz refresh rate, specialized game modes, and compatibility with the latest gaming technologies, making them ideal for both entertainment and gaming enthusiasts.

GNW10 Wireless Gaming Speaker

Go hard in your game. Not on your ears. Designed by gamers for gamers, the GNW10, from the SoundSlayer family of gaming audio products, delivers true-to-life sound that envelops you in the world of your games, music and cinema.


Automotive Audio System

-INFINITI QX80 + Klipsch

Panasonic Automotive unveils its collaboration with Infiniti to debut Klipsch Premier Audio System in the 2025 Infiniti QX80 Monograph to enhance audio luxury and performance.

-Fisker Ocean One

A demonstration of Panasonic Automotive’s award-winning ELS STUDIO 3D® PREMIUM AUDIO reimagined for the Fisker Ocean One that blends best-in-class audio performance with sustainability-focused design. Neodymium magnet circuit designs are used to reduce the overall weight of each individual speaker by 30-60%. It is estimated that the ELS STUDIO 3D® PREMIUM AUDIO system draws up to 60% less energy than a typical audio system with similar acoustic output, which can potentially extend the vehicle driving range.


-LUMIX S 100 mm F2.8 MACRO, G9II and S5II/S5IIX

LUMIX S 100 mm F2.8 MACRO is the world’s smallest and lightest medium-telephoto fixed focal length macro lens*2. It is packed with Panasonic's cutting-edge technologies to achieve the exceptional compactness without any compromise in its performance.

*2: As of January 8, 2024. Among interchangeable lenses for AF compatible full-frame mirrorless cameras, and macro lenses with a magnification ratio of 1:1 with a focal length of 90 mm or more.


-Technics SL-1200GR2 HiFi Turn Table

SL-1200GR2/SL-1210GR2 introduced in 1970 with the SP-10, Technics achieved a world first in turntable technology with its Direct Drive systems. Over more than half a century, this technology has continuously evolved, always striving for the pinnacle of analog record playback, honed with the latest advancements of each era. Now, with the development of the new generation "ΔΣ (Delta Sigma)-Drive" technology, which reduces minute rotational irregularities and micro-vibrations, the SL-1200GR2 represents a new frontier in sound. Combining Technics' expertise in low-noise power supply technology, the SL-1200GR2 marks a significant evolution, heralding a new era in audio excellence.

-Technics SU-GX70 Network Audio Amplifier

The SU-GX70 network audio amplifier allows you to enjoy superior sound quality from various sources, including the ever-expanding world of music and video streaming services, television, and analog records. Not only does it enhance the enjoyment of music, but it also brings the pleasure of experiencing television audio through high-quality components. Technics' renowned digital audio technology deepens the joy and emotion in your audio life, offering a richer and more immersive sound experience.

-Technics AZ80/AZ60II/AZ40II/A800 True Wireless Headphones

Legendary world-class audio. For high-quality listening, you need earphones that can keep up with your pace. Designed with your comfort in mind, Technics headphones give you superior sound wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Technics helps you never miss a beat.

Silky Fine Mist

Panasonic has developed an ultra-fine mist technology called Silky Fine Mist. With an average particle size of 6-microns. Airbourne water particles are too small to cause wetness making it ideal for special effects, outdoor cooling, and humidification. This is made possible by emission via a pneumatic mist system, developed by Panasonic.

Shiftall (Metaverse Products)

HaritoraX Wireless R (Full-body tracker for the metaverse)

The HaritoraX Wireless R is a new fully wireless full-body tracking device that adopts next-generation sensors and automatically corrects errors (drift) with cameras. Optical correction eliminates a negative aspect of IMU, i.e., drift, while still offering the benefits of light weight, small size, and long battery life.

HaritoraX Wireless (Full-body tracker for the metaverse)

HaritoraX Wireless is a fully wireless SteamVR compatible full-body tracking device for dives into the metaverse. Tiny, but it runs for 20 hours. Can be expanded to 11-point tracking with additional elbow sensors.

MeganeX superlight (VR headset)

MeganeX superlight is a new model of a lightweight SteamVR-compatible VR headset, designed to be approx. 50% the weight of the original MeganeX. Extensive lightweight tuning has significantly improved comfort while preserving high-end picture quality with 5.2K HDR OLED panels. The new design omits Inside-Out cameras, speakers, and temples, and adopts an all-resin lens. Compatible with the SteamVR Base Station, enabling high-precision tracking.

MeganeX (VR headset)

MeganeX is an ultra-lightweight 6DoF-enabled SteamVR-supported VR headset with a 5.2K/10bit/HDR micro OLED display for a world-class visual experience. Supports Inside-Out camera-based tracking or Outside-In tracking using the SteamVR Base Station for highly accurate tracking.

MeganeX Business Edition (VR headset) 

This version is designed for shared use by multiple people in a business setting. For B2B applications, it is equipped with diopter adjustment, making it possible for people with different vision levels to use the same unit.
The demo allows you to experience a 360° 11K VR video of Kyoto shot in high-definition HDR format.

FlipVR (VR controller)

FlipVR is a completely new style controller for VR that supports SteamVR Base Station. In the flipped state, it's possible to grab a drink, use a keyboard or mouse, or play an instrument in the real world without losing hand position tracking. Simply flipping it back returns it to its original state (same as standard controller).

mutalk 2 (soundproof Bluetooth microphone)

mutalk 2 is a new model of the soundproof Bluetooth microphone that prevents voice leakage and ambient noise. This is an optimal device for use in video conferences, the metaverse, and online gaming. It features a new structure that prevents nasal-sounding voices. Offering high-quality audio with low latency when connected wirelessly through a dedicated communication dongle, it also supports wired connections (USB Audio).

CES 2024 Press Kit:

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Media Contact:

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Panasonic Group Environmental Initiatives

The Panasonic Group has set forth its long-term environmental vision, "Panasonic GREEN IMPACT," with the aim of achieving both a better life and a sustainable global environment for all. Under PGI, Panasonic Group strives towards achieving virtually net zero CO2 emissions from its own operations by 2030, and will contribute an impact of more than 300 million tons (*1) of reduced and avoided CO2, which is equivalent to about 1 percent of the current global total of approximately 31.7 billion tons (*2) by 2050. The group also works on business activities to realize a circular economy in which resource efficiency contributes to decarbonization and reduces the consumption of limited natural resources.

*1: CO2 Emission factor based on 2020

*2: 31.7 billion tons of energy-derived CO2 emissions in 2020 (Source: IEA)

Panasonic GREEN IMPACT - Corporate Information - Panasonic Holdings ( (

About the Panasonic Group

Founded in 1918, and today a global leader in developing innovative technologies and solutions for wide-ranging applications in the consumer electronics, housing, automotive, industry, communications, and energy sectors worldwide, the Panasonic Group switched to an operating company system on April 1, 2022 with Panasonic Holdings Corporation serving as a holding company and eight companies positioned under its umbrella. The Group reported consolidated net sales of 8,378.9 billion yen for the year ended March 31, 2023. To learn more about the Panasonic Group, please visit:

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