Oct 11, 2018

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Panasonic Receives the Most Number of Awards at the Good Design Award 2018, with Three Products in the Good Design Best 100

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation announced that three of its products were selected for the Good Design Best 100 at the Good Design Award 2018 held by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion on October 3, 2018. The products were the NR-F604WPX-H Series Refrigerator, the XPN-S10601 Resyone Plus Rise Assisting Robot, and the Walk Training Robot.
In addition to receiving places in the specially selected Good Design Best 100, Panasonic also received the most number of awards overall at the Good Design Award 2018.

The award-winning products will be on display at the Good Design Exhibition 2018, an exhibition of winning products from the Good Design Award 2018, from October 31 to November 4, 2018, at Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi, Tokyo). (The exhibits can be viewed at various places in Tokyo Midtown.)

*Special awards will be announced from among the Good Design Best 100 on October 31, 2018.

Products selected for the Good Design Best 100 and assessments of them

NR-F604WPX-H Series Refrigerator

This series was acclaimed for its subtle design and high sense of quality, taking into account the recent trend for combined kitchens and living rooms to set it apart from other refrigerators. The internal walls are kept as even as possible to ensure a spacious area, while the design is elaborately finished down to how the front lights work, creating a fresh and defining presence. Moving the compressor from the bottom to the top allows the vegetable and freezer compartments to be pulled out all the way, increasing storage space and usability. Careful thought is given to every detail to realize an extremely high standard of design.

XPN-S10601 Resyone Plus Rise Assisting Robot

This is a completely novel care bed where half of the powered mattress can be separated lengthwise to transform into a wheelchair. Shifting from an ordinary bed to a wheelchair requires two helpers, but with this product only a single person needs to assist. Instead of having to make the care-receiver sit up to move them to the wheelchair (a task requiring much physical effort), now the helper only has to move the care-receiver to the side of the bed. This reduces the physical burden on the helper and the psychological burden on the care-receiver, while giving them the immeasurable value of being able to enjoy sitting up as part of everyday life. All judges tried out the mattress to experience its basic function. It is completely free of any ridges or other aspects that would detract from the experience, with an excellent overall design as a care-giving bed.

Walk Training Robot

As the average lifespan of people grows longer, the next issue we face is expanding the healthy life expectancy. Assistive tools for walking are significant for preventive care. This robot encourages ongoing use and also keeps track of and analyzes exercise records, easing the burden on trainers. The judging panel also noted positively the determination in the development process based on long-term studies. The design is not restrictive and the intuitive and fun aspects of using the tool encourage active use to maintain health. Further applications are expected in the future.

About the Good Design Award

Good Design Award is a comprehensive design commendation system organized by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion for the purpose of leading our lives, industry, and society at large to be better through selecting "Good Designs" from various events and commending them.

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