Jun 19, 2018

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Panasonic Showcases Best-In-Class Visual Solutions at InfoComm 2018

Las Vegas, NV, U.S. - Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America, Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, showcased its latest projection, professional display and professional video products and solutions here in InfoComm booth (#C3185), Las Vegas, NV, from June 6-9, 2018. New 4K product introductions included a new flagship 4K+ SOLID SHINE Laser 3-Chip DLP(TM) projector, two new series of 4K+ professional displays and a 4K/60p integrated pan/tilt/zoom camera. Also introduced were new 1-Chip DLP(TM) SOLID SHINE and LCD laser projectors. All these new products are part of the company's Professional Imaging and Visual Systems (PIVS) group that markets to education institutions, rental and staging, museums, houses of worship, corporations, retail, government organizations, entertainment, broadcast, video production, filmmakers and more.

"Our 4K solutions are pushing the limits in brightness, impact and flexibility. Adding high quality, cutting-edge 4K visuals dramatically improves and enhances environmental projection, projection mapping, digital signage, and image capture," said John Baisley, Senior Vice President, Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America Professional Imaging & Visual Systems (PIVS). "From high-brightness, virtually maintenance-free 4K+ projectors and self-contained, high-impact 4K displays to high-performance professional 4K cameras, our 4K products and solutions continue to expand to meet market needs."

Featured demonstrations in Panasonic's Booth #C315 focused on end-to-end solutions for "Live" performances, interactive and immersive museum exhibits, integrated lecture/capture solutions for education, as well as collaboration solutions for corporate environments. The new products enabling these solutions were highlighted below:

PT-RQ22KU 3-Chip DLP(TM) SOLID SHINE Laser Projector

Engineered with exceptional quality and reliability the new PT-RQ22K 3-Chip DLP laser projector is equipped with 4K+ resolution. This new addition to Panasonic's 3-Chip DLP laser projector portfolio delivers 21,000lm of maximum brightness and 20,000:1 contrast ratio in WUXGA or SXGA+ resolution for excellent picture quality. Its compact size makes it easy to handle while preparing for an event, and together with powered lens shift and a wide range of optional lens, makes the PT-RQ22K an ideal projection solution for rental, staging and large venue installations. The PT-RQ22KU, can be mounted in any 360-degree configuration without picture distortion in temporary or permanent installation. Single LAN cable DIGITAL LINK connectivity simplifies installation, reduces cabling and associated costs, and enhances reliability. The PT-RQ22K will be available in August 2018.

PT-RZ120 and PT-RZ870 1-Chip DL(TM) SOLID SHINE Laser Projectors

The new 12,000lm PT-RZ120K with 4K signal input and the new 8,500lm PT-RZ870 projectors blend crisp and vivid imaging with bright, dual-laser-module and dual-phosphor-wheel SOLID SHINE laser drives. These projectors are capable of maintenance-free operation for up to 20,000 hours thanks to air-tight and dust-resistant optical units and cooling systems negating the need for air filters - perfect for educational institutions, corporate, museums, exhibitions, digital signage and house of worship venues. The PT-RZ120 will be available in October 2018 and PT-RZ870 will be available in July 2018.

PT-MZ770 SOLID SHINE Laser LCD Projectors

Designed for the education and corporate markets, the PT-MZ770 8,000lm projectors combine the portability and picture quality of LCD imaging with the low operating cost and high reliability of SOLID SHINE laser. Featuring an air tight dust-resistant optical unit, one-way airflow, and a reusable eco-filter, enables the PT-MZ770 projector to operate up to 20,000 hours with limited maintenance, significantly reducing operating costs. Features such as a 27 dB quiet mode and quick start/quick off ensure smooth and effective presentations, making it an excellent solution for education venues and corporate meeting spaces. The PT-MZ770 is also equipped with Panasonic's LinkRay(TM) Light ID technology. The PT-MZ770 Series will be available in July 2018.

EQ1 Series 4K Professional Displays

Panasonic will debut its new EQ1 display series, offering 4K imaging with a slim depth and stylish narrow bezel design. The EQ1 Series includes six (6) new models, ranging from 43 to 86-inches, making them ideal for corporate meeting rooms, classrooms and various digital signage situations. The EQ1 series is embedded with content management software for automated signage playback with scheduling functionality. The display also includes optional early-warning software to monitor device status, operation history and to send proactive alerts if abnormalities are detected. These displays can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation. The EQ1 Series displays will be available in Autumn 2018.

SQ1 Series 4K Professional Displays

The new SQ1 Series expands the 4K display lineup with 86 and 98-inch display sizes. These displays offer a stylish, slim design perfect for applications which require high image quality. They have a built-in USB Media Player, eliminating the need for external devices and reducing cable connections. The SQ1 Series 4K displays include the Intel(R) Smart Display Module (Intel(R) SDM) for improved processing and integration capabilities, and can be mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation. The SQ1 Series 4K displays are expected to be available in December 2018.

AW-UE150 4K Integrated Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

Panasonic announced the development of the AW-UE150, a new 4K integrated remote camera that will offer 4K/UHD 60p capture, a first for a broadcast-class PTZ. The UE150 will also afford the widest viewing angle (75.1 degrees, horizontal) in its class. In addition, the integrated PTZ will incorporate a 1-inch large MOS sensor and a 20X optical zoom, as well as a range of 4K interfaces including 12G-SDI, HDMI, optical fiber and IP. A companion camera controller, AW-RP150, offers significant improvements over prior models, including a new one-hand operation joystick (controlling PTZ or Focus) and a large touch-panel LCD screen for monitoring and menu setting. The UE150 and RP150 are expected to be available in December 2018.

Product features, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.

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