Mar 14, 2018

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Panasonic Wins 2 Golds at the iF Design Award 2018

Hannover, Germany - The iF Design Award is organized by the International Forum Design (Hannover, Germany), and this year, on March 9, 2018, Panasonic Corporation won 12 awards including 2 golds for its stereo system, TVs, digital cameras, IH heater, and beauty products.

There were over 6,400 entries from 54 countries around the world, and after rigorous examination by a panel of jurors comprised of experts from various countries, many Panasonic products were awarded for their excellence.

Comments after winning the iF Design Award Gold Award

Compact Stereo System SC-C70

(Tomohiro Hota, Design Center, Panasonic Appliances Company)
We exhaustively combine a wide range of audio technology and sought functional beauty while imagining a life with music. This has brought to life both high audio quality as well as a sophisticated design that blends into the space. The Design Center will continue to propose refined designs that will help raise awareness for the Technics brand in Europe.

Electronics Meets Crafts: Milano Salone 2017

(Hitoshi Nakagawa, Design Center, Panasonic Appliances Company)
I am very happy that our vision for home appliances that will help enrich the next 100 years we created by collaborating with traditional craftsmen - "valuable experiences that electrifies the five senses and stirs memories" - has been well received not only in Japan, but also overseas. We will continue to create a new vision for home appliances that is unique to Japan.

Products that won the iF Design Award 2018 (12)


Award winners:

About the iF Design Award

The iF Design Award was established in 1953 to help promote industrial design. Organized by the International Forum Design GmbH located in Hannover, Germany, the iF Design Award has become one of the most respected design awards in the world, and the "iF" logo has been recognized as a sign of excellent design for over 65 years. The award is comprised of 7 fields - product, packaging, communication, interior architecture, professional concept, service design/UX, and architecture. Each year, top designers and design officers of companies review the entries and select the most remarkable designs.

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The iF Design Award 2018 awards ceremony - Panasonic swept away 2 golds

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