Jan 06, 2018

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Panasonic LIVE @ CES 2018 - Industry Experts Offer Exclusive Look at Latest Innovations

Newark, NJ, U.S. - Panasonic, a global provider of comprehensive solutions for businesses and municipalities as well as consumers, will again feature Panasonic LIVE @ CES. Beginning January 8, Panasonic LIVE @ CES 2018 will feature of a series of in-depth social conversations, interviews with Panasonic thought leaders, and exclusive video content aimed at highlighting the company's disruptive technologies in the areas of connected world, immersive entertainment, sustainable energy, and integrated supply chains.

Join social influencers from the CES show floor including John Ellis, an expert in big data in the automotive industry, Seth Leitman aka "The Green Living Guy(R)", Bob Roble of THE Sports Techie online community, and Sheri Hinish, an expert in innovative supply chain management.

Mary Kirby, an aviation expert and founder, editor, and publisher of Runway Girl Network, will also join Panasonic at CES and offer her views on Panasonic's solutions for the avionics industry. Panasonic will also host Evan Kirstel, an expert in B2B social media, as a virtual correspondent throughout CES.

"Panasonic makes connected solutions that reimagine how we live and work," said Lauren Sallata, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of B2B Marketing at Panasonic Corporation of North America. "The Panasonic LIVE @ CES activation helps showcase how our sustainable technologies can inspire and amaze, and come to life today in smarter cities, immersive stadiums, intelligent transportation systems, and automated factories."

Catch all of the action live at Panasonic.com/CES.

Meet the influencers, discussing topics including:

  • Join technologist @JohnTechEllis to talk about how big data will change business models in sectors like transportation, insurance, telecommunications, government, and home building with technologist.

  • Chat with The Green Living Guy, @seth_leitman, about green living and building design.

  • Meet Bob Roble, founder of @SportsTechieNET, expert resource and blog about sports technology.

  • The affectionately named @supplychnqueen, Sheri Hinish, will share her high-energy and intrinsic flair for supply chain innovation.

  • @RunwayGirl Mary Kirby will discuss how technology in the aviation industry is enhancing the airline passenger experience.

  • Follow Panasonic's virtual correspondent @EvanKirstel, one of the top five most influential B2B marketers in the US.

Follow @Panasonic / @PanasonicUSA or #PanasonicCES to join in on the conversation about innovations that promise to remake cities, high-tech lifestyles, future cars and other trending tech topics.

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Newark, NJ-based Panasonic Corporation of North America is a leading technology partner and integrator to businesses, government agencies and consumers across the region. The company is the principal North American subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-based Panasonic Corporation and leverages its strengths in Immersive Entertainment, Sustainable Energy, Automated Supply Chains and Connected Solutions to provide secure and resilient integrated solutions for B2B customers. Panasonic was highlighted in Forbes Magazine's Global 2000 ranking as one of the Top Ten Best Regarded Companies for 2017. The ranking is based on outstanding scores for trustworthiness, honesty with the public and superior performance of products and solutions. For more information on Panasonic LIVE @ CES2018 visit Panasonic.com/CES.


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