Oct 27, 2017

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Panasonic Wins 3 Red Dot Award: Design Concept "Best of the Best" Awards

Singapore, Singapore - Panasonic Corporation won 3 "Best of the Best Awards" in the field of Design Concept at an international product design award, the "Red Dot Award" held on October 18, 2017 at the Bayfront, Singapore.

The "Red Dot Award" is one of the most sought after global design awards in the industry, and awards in design concept are given to innovative, conceptual, visionary design that have yet to be offered to the market, that are currently under development. In 2017, the organizers received a record number of 4,724 entries from 54 countries and regions across the globe, from which 1 outstanding concept received the "Red Dot Luminary Award" and 43 received "Best of the Best Awards." Panasonic received "Best of the Best Awards" for the first time this year.

Panasonic's concepts that received the awards were proposed by FUTURE LIFE FACTORY, a division tasked to redesign "quality of life" and develop new businesses established by Panasonic Appliances Company's Design Center in April 2017. The 3 concepts are: "WEAR SPACE," a device that a user can wear to gain personal space; "UCHIMIZU," a proposal that combines the Japanese tradition of sprinkling water on streets, to help address the heat island phenomenon; and "Gettou," a prototype of LED lighting created in collaboration with "GO ON," craftspeople from Kyoto that was introduced at the Milano Salone 2017.

It is the mission of Panasonic's FUTURE LIFE FACTORY to think outside the box and challenge new fields. The department as well as the Design Center will continue to propose new ideas and concepts by taking part in international design awards and collaborating with external creatives.

Concepts that received the "Best of the Best Awards"


    Users simply wear this device to create personal space in a society where there are more and more open environments.


    This idea combines the Japanese tradition of sprinkling water on streets, "uchimizu," to tackle the heat island phenomenon.

  • "Gettou"

    The shadows created by woven bamboo and moon-like glow of the lamp remind people of the pure pleasure of enjoying light.

In addition to the 3 concepts above, Panasonic's "SYNC WINDOW," which takes a window-less room and transforms it into a room with a window using sounds, light, and wind, won the "Honourable Mention Award."

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"Red Dot Award" - A scene from the Awards Ceremony

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