Feb 24, 2017

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Panasonic and Digital Hollywood University Will Shoot and Live Stream YOHJI YAMAMOTO's Fashion Show at the Paris Collection


Paris, France - Panasonic Corporation and the Digital Hollywood University Media Science Laboratory will jointly collaborate with YOHJI YAMAMOTO Co., Ltd. to release the 2017-2018 Autumn/Winter Paris Collection of the renowned Japanese fashion brand YOHJI YAMAMOTO at 8:00 PM March 3, Friday, local Paris time at the Paris Collection, which holds worldwide attention in the fashion industry. The fashion show will be recorded using multiple units of the new Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Cameras, "LUMIX DC-GH5", and live streamed on the Internet.

Since February 2014, Panasonic has been exploring new image expression methods using 4K technology and developing digital imaging devices that can bring those expressions to life in collaboration with the Tomoyuki Sugiyama Research Department of the Digital Hollywood University Media Science Laboratory.

For this demonstration, Panasonic will provide 5 GH5s, the world's first (*1) Digital Single Lens Mirrorless Camera that can shoot 4K 60p video, to support the Digital Hollywood University's shoot of YOHJI YAMAMOTO's runway at one of the most prominent fashion events, the Paris Collection. Taking advantage of GH5's compact, lightweight features, the runway will be shot from multiple angles in super high resolution 4K 60p with smooth movement. These cameras will demonstrate the excellent power of expression of 4K 60p, which will capture the unique atmosphere and even the texture of the materials at the forefront of fashion. Panasonic is also conducting a live streaming demonstration via the Internet by recording 4K 60p video with GH5, and simultaneously converting it to Full HD with an external device in order to provide a smooth and stable streaming of live images to people in the fashion industry and fashion lovers across the world.

The live streaming will begin from 8:00 PM March 3, Friday, local Paris time (*2) at:

Panasonic will continue to develop products that explore new possibilities of image expression technologies unique to elaborate and immersive 4K images that are befitting of the high definition era through the collaboration with Digital Hollywood University, and to create new values for its customers and a new photo and video culture.

*1 As of January 4, 2017. As a digital single lens mirrorless camera, according to Panasonic research.
*2 Please note that the start of Internet streaming may be delayed due to conditions at the fashion show.

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    LUMIX DC-GH5 will be used for the shoot of YOHJI YAMAMOTO's fashion show at the Paris Collection

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    A view of YOHJI YAMAMOTO's previous show: 2017SS collection

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