Jan 09, 2024

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Panasonic to partner with Amazon Fire TV to deliver new experiential value for smart TVs

Panasonic Entertainment & Communication has agreed to a collaboration with Amazon.com Services LLC, which consists of a license agreement for Fire TV, aimed at developing a television that provides an unprecedented visual experience. This collaboration focuses on delivering optimal high-quality image and sound tailored to each family member's viewing environment, ensuring a stress-free and seamless experience that aligns with the diversifying lifestyles and rich variety of content. Consequently these TVs will enhance how you discover and enjoy content, offering a personalized home screen that brings together streaming services, apps, live channels, and tailored recommendations.

In recent years, the diversification of TV usage has rapidly advanced due to the proliferation of the internet and smartphones. Televisions have evolved beyond just viewing traditional broadcasts and recorded content. They now serve as screens for enjoying a wide range of content, including video-on-demand services, social media videos, and online gaming, tailored to various viewing purposes. As a result, the role that individuals expect from their televisions is changing. Panasonic, utilising its expertise in high-quality image and sound technology, communication and digital technology, and software development skills for device integration, plans to merge these capabilities with the UX development and content strengths of Fire TV built in. This synergy aims to provide viewers with stress-free encounters with content suited to their lifestyle and viewing environment, immersive visual experiences with optimal image and sound quality, and seamless connectivity between home, mobile spaces, compatible IoT devices, and recording equipment. The collaboration aims to enhance the product strength and experiential value of home televisions, suitable for the multi-screen era.

With this collaboration starting in 2024, Panasonic will introduce new products that carry Fire TV as its operating system and unique technologies like content-adaptive image quality, along with improved operability and device integration. Moving forward, the company plans to expand its lineup of Fire TV built in models. 

“We’re incredibly excited to announce with Panasonic that their new smart TVs will include Fire TV starting in 2024,” said Mr Daniel Rausch, vice president for Alexa and Fire TV, Amazon. “This means customers around the world will get to experience all the benefits of Fire TV’s personalized streaming experience and access to Alexa, combined with Panasonic’s best-in-class smart TVs.”

The CEO of Panasonic Entertainment & Communication, Mr Akira Toyoshima, said "I believe that the collaboration with Amazon.com Services is a key step towards realizing the mission of providing new "excitement and comfort" through the power of entertainment and communication. This partnership will offer experiences that allow individuals to encounter the "unknown" and immerse themselves in "emotion," enriching their lives and filling their time with colour and richness. We are committed to continue providing truly valuable products and services that contribute to customers' wellbeing through advancements in video, audio, and communication technologies."

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