Nov 16, 2016

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The Miss International Contestants Become Ambassadors to Promote Panasonic Beauty Care Products to the World


Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation, Appliances Company (hereafter referred to as "AP") sponsored the 2016 Miss International global contest on October 27 and the 2017 Miss International Japan contest on October 25, 2016. These global beauty ambassadors helped promote Panasonic beauty products.

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     Contestants tested Panasonic's products.

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    Miss Philippines, the winner of this year's contest, posed with cutouts of beauty care products.

With the desire to "nurture and support women who would be active in the international society," Miss International has undertaken a wide range of activities that help contribute to international goodwill and global peace. Empathizing with this philosophy, AP began sponsoring the Miss International Japan and global contests last year. AP also provided contestants from each country opportunities to experience Panasonic beauty products and share their experiences on their SNS accounts, thereby launching a promotion that utilize the contestants' media appeal.

This year, AP planned various events around the 2017 Miss International Japan contest held on October 25th and 2016 Miss International global contest held on October 27th.

Firstly, from October 8th to 10th, AP made available its beauty care products, cordless headphones, digital cameras, etc. in a room at the hotel where the contestants were staying, and gave contestants a chance to experience these products during their free time. On the 11th, Panasonic organized a seminar introducing the beauty product line-up and also the features, benefits, and functions of each product. Also on the same day, at the Miss International global contest press conference, Panasonic appointed all 69 contestants as the "Panasonic Beauty Ambassadors" who experienced a wide range of Panasonic products during the competition and shared their impressions with their followers.


Contestants keenly listened to explanation of products at the product seminar.

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    Introducing the features, benefits, and functions of each product at the seminar

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    All contestants were appointed "Panasonic Beauty Ambassadors."

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    One of the contestants received a certificate of appointment on behalf of all ambassadors.

These contestants have on average 3,000 followers and are highly influential as key female opinion leaders. During a similar promotional campaign last year, contestants uploaded over 300 SNS posts, which received more than 1.2 million "likes." Once again this year, they have actively uploaded posts since their arrival to Japan, and there are high expectations that even more people will be reached this year.

On the 22nd, all 69 contestants gathered at the Panasonic Center Tokyo. Panasonic's lecturers held a seminar on hair styling using the nanoe hair iron and facial care using esthetic products. The contestants learned about different methods while experiencing the benefits offered. Then the contestants were given a tour of the showroom.

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    Contestants testing out what they just learned in the seminar (@Panasonic Center Tokyo)

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    Having fun doing facials (@Panasonic Center Tokyo)

At the 2016 Miss International global contest held on the 27th, Panasonic provided equipment for stylists to use back stage such as hair dryers and hair irons to offer support while contestants had their hair and makeup done. Nano care hair dryers and hair irons that give hair a sleek, silky finish were put to the test at one of the greatest beauty pageants around the world.

AP also provided "Digital Camera Lumix GF8" as an additional prize to the Grand Prize winner, and both the "Ion Effector" and the "Facial Equipment Dense Foam Beauty Salon Treatment" to the top 5 contestants. Mr. Dohno, the Managing Officer of AP joined the winners on stage and presented them with certificates.


Backstage during the contest

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    Panasonic's products were put to the test at the one of the greatest beauty pageants in the world.

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    The Global Miss International contest

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    Award winners were given additional prizes.

At the 2017 Miss International Japan contest, AP also presented the Grand Prize winner with the "Air Massager Leg Refresh" and the top 5 finishers with the "Ultrasonic Toothbrush, Doltz."

The 69 global pageant contestants will serve as "Panasonic Beauty Ambassadors" for 1 year, until October next year. It is expected that some of the contestants will also be active as models for catalogs, POPs, and websites.

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