Aug 05, 2016

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Panasonic's "RiSuPia," a Center Where Kids Can Experience the Joy of Science and Mathematics, Celebrates 10 Years!


Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic's science and mathematics museum, "RiSuPia," which aspires to spark children's interest in and curiosity for science and mathematics is celebrating 10 years, on August 5, 2016 (Friday).

As a corporate citizen, Panasonic has been committed to the healthy development of children through a wide range of CSR activities such as human resource development, educational assistance, artistic and cultural assistance, social welfare assistance, and the provision of assistance to volunteers and NPOs/NGOs.

As concerns that children are straying away from science and mathematics mounts, RiSuPia has aspired to fuel children's curiosity by communicating the joy and wonder of science and the beauty and mystery of mathematics to mainly children in junior high schools.

During the past decade, RiSuPia has welcomed more than 3.21 million visitors (as of July 2016), and approximately 11,600 schools and approximately 330,000 students on their school excursions and field trips.

Children who have visited RiSuPia have said, "Since visiting RiSuPia, I've come to love science and mathematics." "I love science experiments, so I can't express just how much I like this place." "Some of the exhibits are difficult, but I love the feeling of accomplishment I get after I've solved them."

"RiSuPia" is mainly comprised of the "Exhibit" and "Workshop" corners.

In the "Exhibit" corner, Panasonic has continued to make efforts to provide "experiential exhibits" that appeal to the 5 senses such as the very accessible, approachable "Theoretical Model Exhibit" by creating a unique space using images, sounds, and lighting. Moreover, in celebration of its 10-year mark, in the permanent installation, "Quest Library" section, Panasonic will offer 6 types of quizzes featuring various visual contents on the theme, "sports science."

In the "Workshop" corner, Panasonic is inviting lecturers from educational institutions and NPOs/NGOs to hold a wide range of unique, specialized workshops to provide a platform for deepening one's understanding. And from 2013, Panasonic has also been organizing "RiSuPia Junior & Kids College," which give children an opportunity to come into contact with cutting-edge scientific research and researchers. With the help of The Japan Prize Foundation, Panasonic is also committed to organizing special programs for students in upper elementary schools through to high schools. And from July 16 (Sat) to Sept 25 (Sun), so also during the summer holidays, Panasonic has planned diverse workshops and seminars, and events that help with children's summer independent research projects as part of the "RiSuPia 10-year special event." Panasonic looks forward to welcoming many families to RiSuPia over the summer.

Panasonic will continue to provide scientific and mathematical inspiration and an experience to remember to help nurture children who will help drive the future of engineering and manufacturing in Japan.

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    The science and mathematics museum, "RiSuPia," located within Panasonic Center Tokyo

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    The popular "Prime Number Hockey" @RiSuPia

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    The "Quest Library" with new contents @RiSuPia

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    Mathematic Honeycomb Puzzle @RiSuPia

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    Supervisor of RiSuPia, Honorary Professor Koji Okabe of Saitama University (left) and Professor Kawamura of the Tokyo University of Science (right)

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