Aug 06, 2015

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Panasonic Introduces the New Construction Method for HIT Solar Panels and a Smart Way to Manage Energy

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation Eco Solutions Company (hereafter referred to as "Panasonic") took part in "PV Japan 2015," a comprehensive solar panel exhibition held at the Tokyo Big Sight from July 29 to 31, 2015, and introduced a wide range of residential and industrial energy solutions including the solar power generation systems as well as storage battery systems and the Smart HEMS.

Over the years, Panasonic has remained committed to the "generation quality" of solar modules and has continued to enhance their reliability. High quality design of modules made possible by integrated manufacturing and 40 years of know-how and analytics in quality management and other fields have helped realize an even higher level of reliability.

Exhibition Highlights

Residential solar modules "HIT(R)" P250α Plus/P120α Plus, etc.
HIT boasts a very high conversion rate and top class output. And generally, when the weather is hot and hence the panels become hot, their performance can decline. But HIT can reduce the decline in performance.

Cutting the construction time in half with the "PS method"
By improving the materials used and inventing an array of construction methods, Panasonic has installed HIT solar modules on a wide range of rooftops. The newly developed top class modules, which will have become recently available, employ an improved module and mount, named the PS (Push and Slide) method. The new sophisticated design also decreases the space between each module. Moreover power tools are no longer necessary for construction, adding to the ease of installation. Compared to conventional methods, the new PS method cuts the construction time in half. Thus the new method has contributed to shortening the construction time and improving the construction quality.

Smart energy management
Panasonic proposes a 3-part smart energy management, which involves creating and storing plenty of energy with the energy creation-storage system, and using the energy intelligently with the Smart HEMS.

The "energy creation-storage system" combines the solar module power conditioner and storage battery power conditioner. Ordinarily, the solar modules generate energy as direct current and then converts it to alternate current, and then converts it to direct current again when storing it, so energy loss occurs twice. Panasonic's energy creation-storage system can create and store energy as direct current without conversion, so it can reduce energy loss.

The "Smart HEMS" lets users see how much electricity, gas, and water is being used in their home on a single monitor. It can also connect to the air conditioning and Eco Cute, so users can monitor in detail how much energy has been created, stored, and is being used in each room per each branch circuit using the Smart Cosmo, a residential distribution board. This really helps raise awareness for saving energy.

Over the years, Panasonic has valued quality assurance and has continued to offer solar modules, storage batteries, and energy management systems that offer stable power output and long-term reliability.

* "Smart HEMS" and "HIT" are the trademarks of the Panasonic Group.
* HEMS: Home Energy Management System

  • 01_pvjapan2015_booth.jpg

    Panasonic booth at "PV Japan 2015"

  • 05_pvjapan2015_PS.jpg

    Half the construction time! Demonstration of the "PS method"

  • 04_pvjapan2015_PS.jpg

    With the "PS method," solar panels can be installed in half the time

  • 03_pvjapan2015_panel.jpg

    Visitors listened earnestly to the explanation of the HIT

  • 06_pvjapan2015_yarikuri.jpg

    Create, store, and intelligently use - the 3-part smart energy management system

  • 09_pvjapan2015_HEMS.jpg

    "Smart HEMS" makes energy usage in your home visible

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