Jun 02, 2015

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Panasonic Participates in the Special Exhibition Jointly Hosted by Good Design Award and iF Design Award


Presentation on Panasonic's design philosophy "Future Craft"

Hamburg, Germany - From May 6 (Wed.) to June 12 (Fri.), 2015, the "iF design exhibition Hamburg" is taking place in Hamburg, Germany. As part of this event, there is a special exhibition called "How Japan Design can serve the societies" for which Panasonic presented about its "Future Craft" design philosophy and participated in an open talk session. In addition, Panasonic's representative award-winning products* are exhibited together with information panels and product brochures.

The "How Japan Design can serve the societies" is a special exhibition jointly hosted by the design awards respectively representing Japan and Germany: Good Design Award (Japan Institute of Design Promotion) and iF Design Award (iF International Forum Design GmbH).

At this special exhibition, five Japanese companies are exhibiting their product designs and designers from the respective companies making presentations. Panasonic, which has been honored with both awards many times over the years, is one of the Japanese companies. On May 23, 2015, a designer from Panasonic made a presentation based on the theme of this special exhibition "How design can serve the societies" by using examples from the exhibited products. At the open talk session held afterwards, there was an active exchange of views and opinions with the invited local designers. Media reporters and general visitors attentively listened and asked various questions. The day turned out to be a valuable opportunity for people to deepen their understanding of Japan Design.

* From among the products honored with both Good Design Award and iF Design Award, the following are exhibited as representative examples:

  • Clear LED light bulb "LDA4L/C"
  • Digital single lens camera "DMC-GM1"
  • LED neck lights "BF-AF10/11"
  • Steam iron featuring a double-headed soleplate "NI-W920" (European specifications)

Good Design Award

The Good Design Award is the sole comprehensive design evaluation and commendation system in Japan, which has its origins in the Good Design Products Selection System instituted in 1957. For more than 50 years, many companies and organizations from both inside and outside of Japan have participated in this activity to enhance the industry and the quality of life in Japan through design. Over 40,000 Good Design Awards have been given to date.

iF Design Award

The iF Design Award, hosted by the iF International Forum Design GmbH, was established in 1953 for the purpose of promoting industrial design. In five categories: Product, Communication, Packaging, Interior Architecture, and Professional Concept, excellent designs are selected every year by a screening panel consisting of top-class designers and corporate design managers. The iF Design Award is a prestigious award in Europe where industrial design originated and one of the most-noted international design awards.

  • [Video] iF design exhibition Hamburg

  • 02_iF_Good_2015.jpg

    Panasonic's design philosophy and award-winning products

  • 03_iF_Good_2015.jpg

    Long-life designs in Japan honored with Good Design Award

  • 04_iF_Good_2015.jpg

    Talk session with local designers

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