May 13, 2015

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Panasonic China Welcomes Gao Yuanyuan as Brand Ambassador


Beijing, China - In April 2015, Panasonic Corporation of China welcomed actress, Gao Yuanyuan as the new spokesperson for the Panasonic brand in China. Panasonic's advertising in China for B2C products such as home appliances, beauty products, and digital AV equipment as well as B2B solutions, will now feature Gao Yuanyuan. As one of mainland China's most popular, charismatic actresses, Gao Yuanyuan has the image of being fresh, intellectual, and an elegant "goddess." Her unique qualities and a healthy, positive attitude to life is an excellent fit for Panasonic, which has taken on a new challenge, "百年伝承 智美未来 - to draw on 100 years of technology and providing high quality to help create a smarter, more beautiful future for all."

Panasonic has established 4 divisional companies, Appliances Company, Eco Solutions Company, AVC Networks Company, and Automotive & Industrial Systems Company and its current sales volume in China has reached 60 billion yuan. Panasonic aims to accelerate the development of not only its B2C, but also B2B business in China, one of its strategically important markets. From construction of smart cities, security products, automotive components, to professional solutions for various industries, Panasonic is using its wide-reaching business network to discover new application for its solutions that generate business results. Panasonic China will continue to help create a better life for consumers in China with better solutions and services.

Panasonic's B2B business has grown at a rapid pace, but Panasonic has also taken a step forward to promote its new brand image. From the sponsorship of the Olympic Winter Games, fashion event - Asia Young Collection and the AFC Champions League , to the launch of its official microblogging site, a micro-channel platform, and the cartoon character Komatsu, Panasonic China's brand influence continues to strengthen, bringing it ever closer to its consumers.

In 2014, Panasonic China celebrated its 35th anniversary in China, and also pledged to take on a new challenge, "百年伝承 智美未来 - to draw on 100 years of technology and providing high quality to help create a smarter, more beautiful future for all." 2018 will mark Panasonic's 100th anniversary. With this milestone on the horizon, Panasonic will continue to create a smarter, better life. The international soccer super star, Neymar has become Panasonic's global brand ambassador. Following this success, Panasonic has recently appointed the famous actress, Gao Yuanyuan, as its brand ambassador in China. This will help promote Panasonic China's brand value and will also help communicate what the Panasonic brand has to offer in the coming years.

The Panasonic Managing Director and Regional Head for China and Northeast Asia , Hidetoshi Osawa said: "Gao Yuanyuan's unique inner qualities and healthy image has long been popular and will help further strengthen the Panasonic brand in China. We believe she will help attract more and more consumers and help us better communicate with them, so that we may create a better life, a more comfortable lifestyle for consumers in China."

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Panasonic China's new brand ambassador - Gao Yuanyuan

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