Feb 23, 2015

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Young Japan More Beautiful Than Ever

Tokyo, Japan - You may never have seen the true beauty of the young athletes training for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games or the natural beauty of the places in which they train. And you have certainly never seen them in the gorgeous detail that Panasonic 4K TV shows them.

Beautiful Japan towards 2020, a Project for All of Japan

Beautiful Japan towards 2020 is a six-year project launched in September 2014. Panasonic sees the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as an Olympic Games for all of Japan, and the videos produced by the project will feature not only the young athletes who hope to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, but also the importance of a fighting spirit, the magnificence of pursuing an incredible dream, and the natural beauty of the Japanese landscape.
The videos produced for the project will ultimately cover all of Japan.

  • Immersive into Beautiful Japan by 4K Viera "Beautiful Japan 2020"

Beautiful Japan towards 2020 showcases the youth and the beauty of Japan captured in 4K video as both prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to be held in 2020. The heroes and heroines featured in the videos are young athletes who hope to represent Japan, and the full series of videos will cover all forty-seven prefectures in Japan. Now the story continues with the canoeing team in Shiga Prefecture and the archery club in Nara Prefecture.

Rhythmic Gymnastics in Fukushima, Archery in Nara

In Fukushima Prefecture, which we visited first, we stuck close to members of the Fukushima Rhythmic Gymnastics Club. The banks of Lake Inawashiro reflect the faint colors of the red sunset. Azuma Sports Park gazes upon the mountain range in the pale mist. The desire of Mr. Takumi Akabane, who started rhythmic gymnastics upon seeing a video of his senior, is to participate in the Olympic Games. Ms. Mako Kakizaki wants to give a performance that moves many people emotionally whenever it is performed, and so builds quietly on her training every day. Their efforts in pursuing their dreams were captured in beautiful 4K images.

  • Fukushima Rhythmic Gymnastics Clip: In Pursuit of the Most Elegant Performance

Further, we also stayed close to the members of the archery club at Naragakuen Junior High School, which is an academically advanced school in Nara Prefecture. In archery, concentration is more important than anything. Their eyes, fixed squarely on the target while firmly centering themselves, and the effort they showed to hit their targets, were impressive. 4K images also capture the beautiful scenery of Nara Prefecture, of the Soni Plateau, Byobu Rock, and Mt. Wakakusa, etc., where they are growing up.

  • Nara Archery Clip: Focusing on a Single Point on the Nara Hillsides

The TV App

The Beautiful Japan app is preinstalled on Viera 4K AX900 TVs. When the TV is connected to the Internet, this app makes it possible to enjoy Beautiful Japan towards 2020 video in the big screen, ultra high quality 4K format. The app can be selected from the apps menu on 2013 and 2014 models. A free download is available for 2012 models at http://panasonic.jp/viera/apps.

An Even More Beautiful Japan & 4K

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