Oct 09, 2014

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CEATEC JAPAN 2014 Panasonic's Highlights:4K WORLD - Bringing 4K into Every Part of Our Lives

TOKYO, Japan - From October 7, 2014, CEATEC JAPAN 2014, which is one of the Asia's largest cutting-edge IT and electronics comprehensive exhibitions, is being held for 5 days at Makuhari Messe, and Panasonic is showcasing its impressive portfolio of 4K products and solutions.

The Panasonic booths are located in both the Life & Society Stage and Key Technology Stage. In the Life & Society Stage, Panasonic is introducing its 4K World, which is expanding from B2C to B2B, built on technologies cultivated for its consumer electronics with the aim to realize A Better Life, A Better World. In addition, Technics, which has been reintroduced in Europe and Japan, is building expectations with a diverse range of products and presenting a high quality lifestyle and solutions unique to Panasonic.

In the Key Technology Stage, Panasonic introduced variety of activities which directly link to the business exhibiting its B2B key devices such as connectors, relays, batteries and System LSIs with images of specific applications.

  • 4K Evolution & Technics' Potential - Panasonic Booth Highlights 1, reported by Mr Takumi Tachibana who is in charge of exhibition in Panasonic Corporation
  • Key Devices that Play a Key Role in Wearable Devices - Panasonic Booth Highlights 2, reported by Mr Kohei Mandai in Automotive & Industrial Systems Company, Panasonic Corporation


Life & Society Stage

[Presentation Stage]
The dynamic images reproduced by 4 20,000-lumen projectors on the gigantic screen, 17m wide and 2.5m high, is drawing quite a crowd. The presentation is comprised of 2 main parts:

  • A wide range of 4K products: Panasonic proposes a rich lifestyle by expanding the joy 4K offers from "watching" to "capturing" and "recording."
  • 4K business solutions: From 4K image production, cable 4K broadcasting to tablets and signage, Panasonic proposes various solutions the open the door to new business possibilities.

Using impressive images, Panasonic is communicating the benefits of these products and solutions and the ever-expanding, ever-evolving 4K World pioneered by Panasonic.

  • 12CEATEC2014.JPG
  • 13CEATEC2014.JPG

Presentation using a gigantic screen with reproducing image by four projectors.

[4K B2C]
Panasonic is introducing the new 4K VIERA - the AX900, boasting the highest resolution and performance in the history of the VIERA - using a comparative exhibit:

  • Rich expression of both light and dark areas: In addition to the high-intensity IPS LCD panel and compressed luminance signal, the "Dynamic Range Remaster" will detect and correct color signals, and reproduce the original brightness and depth of the source.
  • Color reproducibility: The "Hexa Chroma Drive" balances the six coordinate poles - the 3 primary colors (RGB) and their complementary colors (CMY) - to help reproduce intermediate shades of extremely fine colors accurately.
  • Super Resolution Technology: The "4K Fine Remaster Engine PRO" will optimally reproduce images virtually from any source, even SD images.
  • 18CEATEC2014.JPG
    Comparison of gradation in dark scenes, from left: WT600, AX900, VT60 (PDP)
  • 17CEATEC2014.JPG
    Showcase of high precision color reproducibility and VIERA's highest picture quality: WT600 (left) and AX900.
  • 14CEATEC2014.JPG
    Wide variety of 4K products

The world of 4K has also expanded to 4K compatible LUMIX, 4K camcorders, and 4K wearable cameras. In the try for yourself corner, visitors can experience Panasonic's unique 4K PHOTO function, which allows users to extract a desired still photo from 4K video.

[4K B2B]
  • 09CEATEC2014.JPG
    The large 4K touch panel display

Panasonic is showcasing its B2B 4K solutions, and a video shown in this section introduces Panasonic's vision for this business. Panasonic is also demonstrating its potential for growth and technological prowess for the rapidly expanding B2B application of 4K technology. In this corner, you will find the 4K camera/recorder "VARICAM 35," 31-inch 4K LCD monitor, "4K-compatible RF/IP hybrid set-top box" (prototype), 4K tablet, "TOUGHPAD 4K," and the large 4K touch panel display (prototype).

As the Official Worldwide Olympic Partner, Panasonic has supported the Olympic Games with professional devices equipped with cutting-edge AV technology since 1988. Panasonic is introducing 25 years of partnership on the panels, in the videos, and with the evolution of its broadcasting cameras, and reemphasizes its continued commitment to this sporting festival.

Technics has its very own chic environment. While communicating the concept of the reborn Technics in a video, Panasonic also has on display the newly released models, cutting models that give people a closer look at the technologies behind the products, and legacy models. The 2 listening rooms in the booth have been crowded with visitors, who are anxious to test out the sound reproduced by the familiar, yet new Technics.

Techincs R1 series has won the CEATEC JAPAN 2014 Innovation Awards "As Selected by U.S. Journalists".

  • 16CEATEC2014.JPG
    New Technics series and cutting models on display showcasing state-of-the-art technologies.
  • 15CEATEC2014.JPG
    Listening room

Key Technology Stage

[Control Devices]
This corner has a clear communication target. Panasonic is displaying key devices for ICT devices for wearable device, smartphone and tablet PC engineers and comprehensive energy management solutions targeting engineers of solar power generation systems, storage battery systems, smart meters, and charging stands. With respect to ICT devices, Panasonic is promoting the lightness and compactness of its wearable devices, and for energy management solutions, Panasonic is making specific proposals by using actual sample devices. Moreover, the new pin-shaped lithium-ion battery and battery connectors are also drawing attention.

  • 04CEATEC2014.JPG
  • 05CEATEC2014.JPG

Pin shaped lithium ion battery (left) with a diameter of 3.5mm and height of 20mm may be used for numerous wearable devices.

[System LSI]
With the launch of new series of ProXStream and WiGig in FY2014, Panasonic is cultivating potential customers. In the booth, Panasonic is displaying prototype of modules and demo products. With the 4K up-converter compatible with HDCP2.2, Panasonic is demonstrating the difference in image quality. Panasonic is also presenting the Wireless Gigabit WiGig compact module, with the ability to transfer data stored on a single CD in 3-4 seconds and a WiGig dongle.

The HEVC System LSI equipped with a 4K up-converter has won the Grand Prize of the CEATEC AWARD 2014 Technology Innovation Category.

  • 07CEATEC2014.JPG
    4K HEVC authoring system is drawing attention.
  • 06CEATEC2014.JPG
    WiGig dongle

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