Oct 03, 2014

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Panasonic's Robotic Technology Helps Deliver "A Better Life" to the World of Welfare

  • 01_HCR2014.jpg
    The Panasonic booth is drawing an impressive crowd at H.C.R. 2014.

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation is taking part in the 41st Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition, H.C.R. 2014, which is being held at the Tokyo Big Sight from October 1 to 3, 2014.

This year's theme for the Panasonic booth at H.C.R. is "Panasonic's welfare solutions that help realize 'a better life' full of smiling faces." Panasonic's state-of-the-art welfare and rehabilitation systems being introduced in the stage presentation and numerous assistive products for homes and facilities are drawing much attention.

  • Panasonic introduces the latest nursing care and rehabilitation products and systems at "Home Care and Rehabilitation, H.C.R. 2014"

Presentation of state-of-the-art welfare technologies

  • 02_HCR2014.jpg
    "Mimamori System (prototype)" helps keep an eye on facility inhabitants' breathing and movement during their sleep.

On the main stage located in the center of the booth, Panasonic is introducing 3 products as part of a cutting-edge age-free solution.
The "Resyone" is an electric care bed with a section that can be separated and transformed into a fully reclining electric wheelchair to help users get out of bed. Panasonic has already begun taking orders for this product.
Moreover, by using sensing technology, Panasonic's "Mimamori System" can keep an eye on the facility inhabitants' movement and breathing to make sure they are safe and sound. Also being introduced is a prototype of self-reliance support robot, which helps users stand up, walk, and sit down.

  • 03_HCR2014.jpg
    Self-reliance support robot (prototype) helps users get in and out of bed.
  • 04_HCR2014.jpg
    A portion of the electric care bed, "Resyone," transforms into an electric wheelchair. The first product in the world to obtain global safety standard ISO13482 for service robots.

On the two mini stages Panasonic is showcasing a rehabilitation navigation system for hospitals and facilities for the elderly, the "Digital Mirror," now combined with rehabilitation training and evaluation system that comes equipped with cutting-edge 3D camera technology, as well as a rehabilitation training and evaluation system for tablets. And for facilities, Panasonic is demonstrating the "Aqua Heart J Series (prototype)," a barrier-free bath unit that was developed to help users be as independent as possible while taking a bath.

  • 05_HCR2014.jpg
    Rehabilitation assistant system (prototype) is an upgrade of the Digital Mirror.
  • 06_HCR2014.jpg
    Bath unit (prototype) helps users bathe as independently as possible.

For homes

  • 09_HCR2014.jpg
    Communication aid, "Let's Chat" developed for people with both speech impairment and upper body paralysis.

As assistive products for homes, Panasonic is exhibiting portable toilets, freestanding handrails, new products for the home elevator, and electric care beds (prototype), bath products, etc. Furthermore, Panasonic's communication aid for people with both speech impairment and upper body paralysis, "Let's Chat" is also on showcase.

For facilities for the Elderly

For facilities, Panasonic is introducing prototypes of equipment that helps with rehabilitation, and a new electric care bed that helps user get out of bed, barrier-free unit bath, new shower equipment, and a wide range of assistive products including toilets, sinks, kitchen, and building materials.

  • 07_HCR2014.jpg
    A bath unit equipped with "The Shower," helps keep users warm with a fine stream of water.
  • 08_HCR2014.jpg
    Extremely easy-to-use portable toilet, "Zaraku" Raffine.

Panasonic entered the welfare business in 1996. Since then, the company has introduced to the world an extensive portfolio of welfare products, equipment, services, and facilities for the elderly. At this year's H.C.R., Panasonic once again is displaying its diverse technologies and products that bring to life state-of-the-art nursing care. Panasonic will continue to deliver "A Better life, A Better World" to the world of welfare.

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