Jul 01, 2014

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Watch "Access 360° World Heritage" on TV and Internet Apps

Panasonic sponsors a TV series called "Access 360° World Heritage," which focuses on UNESCO World Heritage sites. The series has aired on the National Geographic Channel (NGC) in 193 countries and regions since October 2013.

"The World Heritage Special ~ ACCESS 360" includes nine episodes produced by NGC. Each one focuses on a different UNESCO World Heritage site from around the world, both man-made and natural, and offers viewers an in-depth look at what makes the site unique and the importance of preserving its heritage.

  • Video: Panasonic to Present New UNESCO World Heritage Program on National Geographic Channel

June 2014 Episode: St. Petersburg (Russia)

The palaces, cathedrals and museums of St. Petersburg represent some of the finest art and architecture on earth. This UNESCO World Heritage site was built as a shining symbol of the Russian empire’s golden age. But behind the gold curtain, a dark history has left some of Russia’s greatest treasures on the brink. Now a select few are safeguarding these cherished relics of the past to reveal the city’s splendor once again.

Enjoy the Archived Version with the "Internet Apps" Service

Episodes that were broadcast by NGC starting in September 2012 can be watched for free with the "Internet Apps" service. To see the archived version, simply use an Internet Apps-enabled VIERA to download the application from the Market. The episodes are available in 6 languages: English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Then sit back and enjoy all the beauty of these World Heritage sites in spectacular Full-HD images on VIERA's large screen.

Upcoming episodes will take you to the following sites

  • Prague Castle in the Czech Republic (in August)
  • Venice, Italy (in October)
  • The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador (in December)
  • Lake Turkana in Kenya (in February, 2015) 

* Episodes can be viewed on the Internet Apps service starting one month after their initial broadcast.
* Episodes can be viewed on the Internet Apps service starting one month after their initial broadcast.
* Please note that the application is not available in some countries/regions.

  • TVCF "4K solution: Neymar Jr. Phoenix" [60sec] to be broadcast during the program

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