Jun 25, 2014

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Interbrand Ranks Panasonic No. 1 in the Electronics Sector for the "Best Global Green Brands 2014"

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Interbrand, the US brand consulting company, announced on June 24, 2014, that Panasonic ranks No. 5 in its Best Global Green Brands 2014. Although a rank lower than last year, the company has come out top in the electronics sector.

2014 marks the fourth year for this global ranking of "green brands." An Excellent Green Brand is defined as achieving a good balance between Green Perception (consumers' image of an eco-brand) and Green Performance (a company's environmental management practices). The top 50 companies are ranked based on these two elements.

Evaluation Points

Panasonic's Green Performance was evaluated as being especially high, with excellent marks going to "Products and Services," "Governance," and "Transportation and Logistics."

Interbrand also noted the following points in its evaluation.

  • ENERGY STAR Award Recognitions
  • Panasonic has received more ENERGY STAR awards than any other consumer electronics manufacturer. More than 300 Panasonic models across 9 product categories carry the ENERGY STAR logo, which indicates that a product uses less energy with no sacrifice in performance or features.

  • Achieved a Recycling Rate of 99.3%
  • Taking steps toward zero waste, Panasonic achieved a factory waste recycling rate of 99.3% in 2013. The brand also used approximately 12 thousand tons of recycled plastic for its products in 2013.

  • Improved Water Usage
  • In 2013, water usage at factories per basic unit of production improved by 0.7% compared with 2012. Panasonic is also speeding up the development of industry-leading products that contribute to water saving.

  • ECONAVI Function
  • In 2009, Panasonic launched home appliances with the ECONAVI function, which automatically controls power and water consumption to cut losses by using sensor and other energy efficient technologies. The brand now offers 25 products with the ECONAVI function, helping consumers across 88 countries conserve water and energy through its growing range of smart products.

Since its foundation in 1918, Panasonic activities have been guided by the goal of enhancing the lifestyles of people around the world through its management philosophy of contributing to society as "a public entity of society". Keeping people at the core of these activities, Panasonic constantly seeks to improve lives. This starts in homes and extends to virtually every facet of life -- in offices, stores, automobiles, airplanes, and entire towns. It also covers both hardware, in the form of products, and software, in the form of services, allowing Panasonic to provide all with "A Better Life, A Better World."

  • Brand Video 2014 "A Better Day"

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