May 08, 2014

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Engineering a Better Fan Experience with the World's Largest 4K LED Video Board at Kentucky Derby

Panasonic partners with Churchill Downs to engineer a better fan experience with the worlds' largest* 4K LED video board, known as the "Big Board," measuring 171-feet wide by 90-feet tall and sitting 80 feet above the ground.

  • Video Report from Churchill Downs

Panasonic Solutions for Fan Excitement

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The Kentucky Derby which is known in the United States as "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sport" and "The Run for the Roses", named for the blanket of roses draped over the winner, was held at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, on May 3rd.

Until last year, tens of thousands of visitors to the Derby that were in the infield of Churchill Downs usually went home from the event without ever actually seeing a horse.

This year, at the 140th anniversary of the Derby, in front of a crowd of 164,906 people, the second-largest attendance in its history, Churchill Downs unveiled the world's largest 4K ultra high-definition LED Video Board, known as the "Big Board," engineered by Panasonic to solve the audience problem. The mammoth display screen measuring as same size as 3 NBA basketball coats sits 80 feet above the ground and offers a wide viewing angle for a superior fan experience anywhere within Churchill Downs. The active display area is 15,224 square feet and is positioned midway along the backstretch and outside the dirt course to avoid being a distraction to the jockeys and horses. The display is so big that everybody at the Derby can enjoy the race from beginning to end, even those in the infield.

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"We've enjoyed this incredible opportunity to partner with Churchill Downs to install the world's largest, first-of-its-kind 4K video board," said Jim Doyle, President of Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, a regional subsidiary company of Panasonic. "The 'Big Board' delivers content unparalleled in its clarity and resolution, allowing tens of thousands of fans to experience the excitement and pageantry of this legendary racetrack up close and personal."

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    Panasonic Sponsored Race

Building the "Big Board" in Record Time

* as of April 23, 2014

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