Mar 17, 2014

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Thailand Opens "Panasonic Cooking Lab" to Entice More People to Cook

In serving the cooking appliances market and setting the home cooking trend for 2014, Panasonic A.P. Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd (PAT) has launched the "Panasonic Cooking Lab" in its country. The cooking lab is the only one in South East Asia dedicated to food recipe innovation. At the launch, PAT also added the easy-to-use Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker to its "Panasonic Cooking" product line up in hopes of encouraging more consumers to appreciate and enjoy the art of cooking from the comfort of their homes.

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The "Panasonic Cooking" brand provides consumers with an array of cooking appliances that were developed to serve localised market needs. Mr. Toshihiro Majima, Managing Director of Panasonic A.P. Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., shared with event attendees that the "Panasonic Cooking Lab" was the result of the company's research and development efforts on cooking behaviours of its Thai consumers. He added that Panasonic will continue to enhance the technology behind cooking appliances here in Thailand.

As Thai consumers pay more attention to health and the nutrition value of the food they eat, many now prefer to cook at home instead of eating out. Changes in consumption habits have led to changes in cooking behaviours. The "Panasonic Cooking Lab" located at Bangna-Trad Km.17 will be used to look into utilising both local ingredients and Panasonic Cooking appliances to create unique, healthy and delicious menu, under the theme "Delicious, Simple, Healthy".

The cooking lab is dedicated to rejuvenating Thai food menu and simplifying recipes for consumers who do not cook often. This way, anyone can enjoy home cooked food. Cooking workshops also be conducted, catering to a maximum of 20 participants at any one time. Updates on class schedules can be obtained from PAT's website and Facebook page. The "Panasonic Cooking Lab" is also designed with the functionalities to conduct sales team training or small seminar for distributors.

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At the opening, Chef Fang Nattaphon Norchuwet, from the popular cooking TV programme in Thailand, presented the available range of Panasonic cooking appliances. PAT has collaborated with him on various "Panasonic Cooking" roadshows.

Thailand is the seventh country chosen to build the "Panasonic Cooking Lab" - the others located in UK, Italy, Russia, India, China and Japan.

Additionally, PAT launched the Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker. Similar to its Asian neighbours, bread consumption in Thailand has seen a steady increase. The bread maker predominantly targets housewives who need to prepare breakfast and healthy light meals for their kids, using ingredients of their choice. It offers as many as 13 programs for bread making. All that is needed is for the user to put in their desired ingredients and the bread maker which is equipped with temperature control sensors will produce the best bread of his or her choice. It is so simple, delicious and fun!

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Currently, PAT has 13 different types of cooking appliances in its "Panasonic Cooking" product line up including electric rice cooker, slow cooker, electric thermo pot, microwave oven, juice extractor, juice blender, mixer grinder, food processor, toaster oven, hand mixer, sandwich maker, popup toaster and automatic bread maker all of which, the original recipes will be invented in this lab. Panasonic is the only brand in the market that offers products across various segments to respond to consumers' needs effectively.

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