Mar 07, 2014

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Panasonic Takes Home Four Universal Design 2014 Awards and Consumer Favorite 2014 Awards

The Panasonic Front Loading Washer Dryer "NA-VX9300L/R", the Hybrid Power Vacuum Cleaner "MC-HS700G", the Sonic Vibration Toothbrush "EW-DS16" and the Wireless Speaker System "SC-NT10" are the four products that have been awarded the universal design award 2014 for exceptionally-designed universal design products and services. At the same time all four products won the consumer favorite 2014, which is evaluated by a representative cross-section of the general population consisting of 100 test people. The awards are organised by universal design e.V. in Germany.

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    Four Products Won the universal design award 2014

Dually awarded "universal design award" and "universal design consumer favorite"

Front Loading Heat Pump Washer Dryer NA-VX9300L/R

  • The LCD color touch panel lets you use many functions intuitively, while only showing the required functions.
  • The panel is inclined at an angle of 45° for clear visibility even from a distance.
  • The door opens with a simple and light touch.
  • The machine has a flat surface for easy cleaning.
  • Loading and unloading clothes is effortless thanks to the tilted drum and extra-wide door (350mm diameter).

Hybrid Power Vacuum Cleaner MC-HS700G

  • Hybrid power supply system allows both cordless battery and corded outlet operation.
  • Removable battery contains a USB port to charge a smartphone or other USB powered device during power outages.
  • Nozzle features LED lighting to see better in dark locations.
  • Large wheels roll easily on all surfaces and turn quickly for easy maneuverability and large center-mount handle makes it easy to hold or carry the vacuum.

Sonic Vibration Toothbrush EW-DS16

  • Sonic vibration up to 16,000 strokes/min. removes plaque effectively.
  • Compact and lightweight means it is easy to carry in a handbag or a wash bag.
  • Compact yet long enough for men's hands (16cm)
  • One simple button for operation.
  • Compact brush even fits misaligned teeth so each tooth can be brushed thoroughly.

Wireless Speaker System SC-NT10

  • Robust wireless speaker system with a high degree of resistance to splash and shock as well as dust and change in air temperature makes it ideal for not only indoor but also outdoor use in all seasons.
  • Boost mode to increase the levels of a specific band of frequencies to enable a more powerful listening experience outdoors.
  • Play music wirelessly via Bluetooth(R). NFC supported, so it just needs to touch to connect.

The Drum Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer NA-VX9300L/R and the Hybrid Power Vacuum Cleaner 「MC-HS700G」 series are highly regarded inside as well as outside of Japan and were also selected for the Good Design Best 100 in 2013.

Also, Panasonic Won 19 iF Product Design Awards 2014.

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