Apr 02, 2013

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Panasonic Industrial Devices at "Embedded World 2013" in Germany

From February 26 to 28, 2013, "Embedded World 2013 exhibition & conference" was held at Exhibition Center Nuremberg in Germany. More than 22,500 visitors and some 900 exhibitors from around the world assembled. Panasonic proposed its leading-edge devices with several solutions, using hands-on demonstration.

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    Embedded World 2013 Exhibition & Conference

Exhibition Highlights

Sales staff of Panasonic booth received various kind of inquiries from customers, and felt good response to expand solution business in future. This time, the following 3 demonstrations caught lots of visitors' eyes.

  • NFC Tag IC with built-in FeRAM
  • Power Line Communication
  • Hall IC series
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    Tag IC with built-in FeRAM “Touch & Transmit“

NFC Tag IC with built-in FeRAM “Touch & Transmit“

Panasonic had many inquiries from visitors in almost every industry, automotive to medical. Customers are interested in using it to connect appliances to the Internet via smartphone.

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    Power Line Communication “Couple”

Power Line Communication “Couple”

It is useful to communicate using conventional power line; there is no need for new communication wiring installation. The visitors are considering using for public systems and at home. Panasonic will support for the optimum matching in accordance with their intended use.

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    Hall IC series (Magnetic Field Sensor IC series)

Hall IC series (Magnetic Field Sensor IC series)

Panasonic hall ICs have very high sensitivity, and support reasonable magnet. There were many inquiries from manufacturers of Automotive, Industrial, and Consumer.

Virtual Exhibition is continuously held on Panasonic website.  Please visit ;

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    Virtual Exhibition is Continuously Held on Panasonic Website

On-site video report ( ch.02 / Solution / Industrial Devices on Panasonic website) also
explain the products and solutions in details. :http://ch.panasonic.net/solutions/devices/

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