Mar 27, 2013

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Smart Green Living Is Now A Reality Here In The ASEAN Region

PanaHome Malaysia officially showcased its first PanaHome 'eco ideas' House, located in Jalan Ara, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Reflective of a quality home that is in harmony with the environment, the house aims to contribute towards building an ECONATION in the country, integrating green living into daily life.

  • 01-2013Panahome.jpg
    Presenting the PanaHome 'eco ideas' House
  • 02-2013Panahome.JPG
    A quality home in harmony with the environment
  • Here's Cathy, our Panasonic News Portal's reporter at the PanaHome 'eco ideas' House in Malaysia

Malaysia's economic growth, coupled with a growing population, has resulted in an increasing demand for houses. This creates a springboard for PanaHome to showcase its capability in the construction and housing development industry. In addition, environmental and energy concerns are often highlighted in the national agenda. The PanaHome 'eco ideas' House is designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

  • 03-2013Panahome.JPG
    Officiating the PanaHome 'eco ideas' House via the traditional sake breaking ceremony. (L to R) Mr. Jeff Lee, former Managing Director, Panasonic Malaysia; Mr. Yorihisa Shiokawa, Managing Director, Panasonic Asia Pacific; Mr. Yasuteru Fujii, President, PanaHome Corporation Japan; and Mr. Toshiro Baba, Managing Director, PanaHome Malaysia

With a land size of approximately 11,000 square feet and built-up area of 4,169 square feet, it promotes conceptually and physically the idea of sustainable living and latest green technologies to the Malaysian community and industries through revolutionary architectural and constructional approach.

Construction methods using pre-fabrication PanaHome proprietary PowerTech technology (steel frame structure) ensure quality building structure which can withstand earthquakes to a great degree of magnitudes.Heat insulation technology minimizes heat transmission from external space, whilst PanaHome PureTech structured embedded ventilation system circulates natural cool air, keeping the living space naturally cool and clean for the inhabitants without the need for excessive air-conditioning.

  • 04-2013Panahome.JPG
    Harnessing clean energy with Panasonic solar panels

With the 5KW solar panels installed on the rooftop, renewable energy can be harnessed. Such green features translate to reduced energy consumption for the household.

  • 05-2013Panahome.JPG
    Self cleaning PanaHome KiraTech tiles keep walls clean and long lasting

PanaHome unique self-cleaning KiraTech tiles on the building exterior keep walls clean and long lasting by breaking down surrounding toxic air pollutants. Here, long terms savings in maintenance cost can be reaped.

High-grade waterproofing methods are incorporated to overcome the common water leakage problems faced by conventional houses in tropical countries, where heavy rainfall frequents. The interior is also fitted with innovative space saving ideas such as a rotating shoe rack and kitchen pull-down racks designed by Panasonic, in addition to energy efficient appliances.

  • 06-2013Panahome.JPG
    Site Tour where guests learned more about the House

The PanaHome 'eco ideas' House truly provides a complete smart green living. To experience it first hand, the house is open for viewing by appointment only. Enquiries can be directed to

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