Feb 25, 2013

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Panasonic's 'Nostalgic Clear' LED Bulb Recognised with iF Gold Product Design Award for Second Year Running

Panasonic Corporation has been recognised for its excellence in product design with an iF Gold Award, the highest accolade possible from the iF International Forum Design. 

For the second consecutive year, a Panasonic LED bulb has received the prestigious award.  The award for the Clear Glass LED Bulb 40W , also known as the 'Modern Classic' in Europe, follows last year's recognition of the 20W model, which was introduced into parts of Europe in July 2011.  The bulb's packaging also picked up an iF Design Packaging Award.

  • thumb-02_iF2013_ledbulb.jpg
    Clear Glass LED Bulb 40W Equivalent
    Global Market : LDAHV6L27CGE
    Japanese Market : LDA6L/C
  • thumb-03_iF2013_ledbulb.jpg
    iF Packaging Design Award winning bulb packaging (also selected for Japan Packaging Design Award 2013).

Additionally, 17 other products from across a range of Panasonic industries, including an air-conditioner, wiring device, digital high-definition television, digital still camera, have been awarded the iF Product Design Award.

In this year's iF Design Awards, there were 4,352 entries from 51 countries worldwide out of which 1,410 entries were awarded. Only 75 of those were chosen for the Gold Award.

The Clear Glass LED Bulb 40W, that was awarded the Gold Award, is equipped with similar outstanding features seen on the highly praised 20W, such as similarities in size, shape, position of light source, light colour, light distribution to a clear type incandescent bulb, made possible through our unique light diffusion and heat dissipation technology. Additionally, the shape of the bulb is very close to that of a clear incandescent light bulb so one can seamlessly replace conventional incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs.  Furthermore, by achieving brightness equivalent to that of a 40W incandescent light bulb, there is a wider possibility for application and in turn a significant contribution to energy saving.

Both the Clear Glass LED Bulb 40W and 20W have also been chosen for the Good Design Award (Japan) Gold Award (Minister Prize of Economic, Trade and Industry).

  • 01_iF2013_award.jpg

Both the Clear Glass LED Bulb 40W and 20W have also been chosen for the Good Design Award (Japan) Gold Award (Minister Prize of Economic, Trade and Industry).

Characteristics of the Clear Type LED Bulb 40W Equivalent

  1. Light is emitted from the central part of the LED bulb due to the implementation of our unique Center Mount Technology.
  2. A beautiful and nostalgic light.
    A sparkling light, equivalent to a clear bulb, is achieved.
    As the shape and light of the bulb is very close to that of a clear bulb, it can be used in various lighting styles.
  3. Brightness is equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb but with 6.4W power consumption.
    84% energy consumption saving when compared to an incandescent bulb (40W power consumption).
    A lifespan of 40,000 hours, 40 times the lifespan of an incandescent bulb (lifespan of 1,000)
    Power consumption 6.4W, luminous flux 470lm, average colour rendering index Ra80, colour temperature 2700K, E27 bulb base.

Other Awarded Products (17 items)

  • 04_iF2013_others.gif
    Other Awarded Products (17 items)

[About the iF Product Design Award]
The iF Design Awards were established in 1953 to encourage and promote industrial design, and are conferred by the iF International Forum Design in Hannover, Germany. The awards include the iF Product Design Award, the iF Communication Design Award, and the iF Packaging Design Award. Every year, renowned designers and corporate design directors review product candidates from all over the world, and select those with the most outstanding industrial design. It is one of the most acclaimed international awards of its kind in Europe, also regarded as the birthplace of industrial design.

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