May 13, 2021

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Introduction: Xela Dafauce Bouzo, Regional Representative for Europe

Xela Dafauce Bouzo received a bachelor's degree in sport and exercise science from Granada University and a master's degree in clinical exercise physiology from Hull University. She is interested in sport and exercise research, and she aims to change the world using sport as a psychosocial and health tool. She is a really energetic and enthusiastic person. Her past as a recognized wrestler has taught her that sport offers opportunities to make the world better and gave her a better understanding of what it takes to compete on a high level. Training is a very important part of her routine, but she also likes to travel, hike, cook, and paint. Below is our interview with Xela Dafauce Bouzo, the regional representative for Europe in the SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS program.

My leadership capacity and strong work ethic, together with my experience in International Relations and multilingual skills.

To improve people's lives by using sport as a social integrator and as a disease prevention and treatment tool.

College Life
I live on-campus, which makes my life more social. I usually have class in the mornings, and straight after, I meet my friends at the library where we study together in our respective subjects. Thereafter, I go training and always finish the day making dinner with a group of friends. We usually have deep chats about developing ideas to improve the world.

Why did you participate in the SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS competition?
I found it was the perfect opportunity for my team and me to share our innovative ideas with the world and to get the most out of sport in any of its forms.

How did you feel when you were selected as the regional representative?
I feel that each of my team members have many different skills (like languages, technology, coding, creativity, sports, experience...) that make the team very versatile, and we also have the ability to work very effectively as a team. In addition, our idea has great potential to break the barriers of sport and offer all of its benefits to the world population.

Message to your teammates
You have become my little family very quickly. Thank you for sharing the best experience of my life and making hard work so much fun.

Please say a few words to express your determination for August 23?
Being able to be take part in the Olympic and Paralympic Games has always been my life dream as an athlete, and I cannot be more excited about finally sharing our amazing idea with the rest of the world!

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