I would say that my ability to rationalize and to stay calm are my strongest points. Other strong points are my leadership skills, enthusiasm, and ability to help people find their strengths.

My dream is to have an impact on society. I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing others thrive, and I would like to have a positive impact on others through any means possible.

College Life
My college life differed depending on my place of residence. When I lived at home, I spent a lot of time working out, studying, and socializing online. When I lived closer to my university, I spent more time socializing in person.

Why did you participate in the SPORTS CHANGE MAKERS competition?
This event combined my passion for sport with my interest in technology perfectly. I felt that my teammates and I could have a positive impact on society with our innovative ideas.

How did you feel when you were selected as the regional representative?
I was delighted, as I was given an incredible opportunity. I also would be able to spend more time with my teammates, who have become my close friends.

Message to your teammates
Thank you for the wonderful experience you have given me in England. Let us change the world together!

Please say a few words to express your determination for August 23?
It will be the first time I have ever seen the Olympic and Paralympic Games up close. I cannot wait to represent Europe in this competition and to present our idea to the world!

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