May 14, 2024

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Panasonic in Numbers: Permanent Projection Mapping Display at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Panasonic Connect’s projection mapping system has been adopted for the “World’s Largest* Permanent Projection Mapping Display” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.
Unveiled in February, the display uses 40 Panasonic projectors to cover an area of 13,904.956 m2 on the facade of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 1, decorating the building with diverse content programming to revitalize the nighttime economy.
The AcroSign® projection mapping system, which includes high-brightness projectors and an immersive sound system, enables cloud-based remote management and content updates, while the Remote Managed Service supports remote status monitoring, making it possible to realize cloud-controlled spatial production.

* Based on Panasonic research (as of February 2024) relating to permanent architectural projection-mapped displays of 6 months or longer in duration.

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