Oct 01, 2019

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Panasonic Wins Red Dot Awards for Design Concept, with "GIFT LOOK" Nominated for the Highest Award

Panasonic wins two Red Dot Awards: nomination for the highest award, "Luminary" for "GIFT LOOK"; and the grand prize, "Best of the Best Awards" for "Soyo gu".

Singapore, Singapore - Panasonic Corporation won Red Dot Awards in the Design Concept category of the Red Dot Design Award 2019, held at Bayfront, Singapore on September 25, 2019. "GIFT LOOK" received nomination for the highest award, "Luminary". In addition, "Soyo gu" received the grand prize, "Best of the Best Awards".

The Red Dot Design Award is recognized worldwide as a prodigious design award. The Design Concept category is for design innovation and concepts with ideas and visions still in the development stage, before becoming a final product. The Design Concept category of the Red Dot Design Award 2019 had 4,218 entries from 48 countries. Out of these entries, 265 received Red Dot Awards in recognition of their excellent design concepts, and 34 of them were selected for the "Best of the Best". And 5 items including the GIFT LOOK were selected for the Luminary nomination.

Panasonic wins the following works;

Red Dot Award 2019: Design Concept Best of the Best Luminary nominee

  • GIFT LOOK / Designers: Daisuke Takematsu, Haruka Matsunaga, Design Center, Appliance Company

    GIFT LOOK is a package that adapts to various product forms and takes less place when storing. It looks like a present, and reusable also. The old cardboard packages are generally treated without much care. However, GIFT LOOK transforms your package into a "precious gift" and it protects personal information by putting your personal name and address into a QR code. Only the delivery personnel can read it. And since the tag uses electronic paper, it can be used again next time. GIFT LOOK can be reused a lot more times unlike a cardboard box. As it is also made by recycled plastic.

Red Dot Award 2019: Design Concept Best of the Best

  • Soyo gu / Designer: Enrico Bergese, Panasonic AP Europe Design Centre

    Soyo gu is a large ventilation fan with a soft bamboo cover made using bamboo basket weaving techniques. The fan creates a gentle breeze through the woven bamboo basket. Panasonic has reproduced the pleasant sensation of a gentle breeze by combining technologies with bamboo craftsmanship focusing on the following 3 elements: "the feeling of the gentle breeze from head to toe," "silence" and "the image of flowers and grass swaying in the wind." It was created from the "Kyoto Kaden Lab." Project*.
    * "Kyoto Kaden Lab." is a co-creation project that explores the origin of Japanese sensitivity and manufacturing and studies the ideal form of new home appliances by incorporating outside knowledge.

Panasonic Design will continue to propose new ideas and concepts through applying for international design awards, collaborating with creators outside the company, and taking on other challenges.

* We do not currently intend to make this into a commercial product or release it.

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