Aug 07, 2019

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Tanzania and Thailand Won the Grand Prix in Panasonic KWN Global Contest 2019

KWN Global Awards Ceremony was held in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan - Panasonic Corporation held the awards ceremony for the Kid Witness News (KWN) Global Contest 2019 on August 2 at Panasonic Center Tokyo. This year the Grand Prix in the Primary Category was won by "Ordinary Days" the video from Mwenge Mshindo Primary School of Tanzania, while the Grand Prix in the Secondary Category was won by "Sport For Living [Boxing For Life]" the video from Ammartpanichnukul School of Thailand.

KWN 2019 Award Winners (Primary)

Grand Prix

Ordinary Days
School: Mwenge Mshindo Primary School
Country: Tanzania
Theme: Communication

Highlights of the everyday activities of an orphanage in Tanzania in order to educate the rest of the world to what life is like for them.

Best K-Factor Award

Sunshine After Rain
School: Buso Chung Hua Primary School
Country: Malaysia

Theme: Communication
A boy named Rain seeks out a job because he envies his wealthy classmates. After finding a job, Rain soon realizes the importance of education.

Best Teamwork Award

Shiro and the Furoshiki
School: Morimura Elementary School
Country: Japan

Theme: Environment
Two students discover the detrimental effects of ocean pollution from their friend, Shiro. The video shows us the good/convenient/eco-friendly "Furoshiki" is not only for Japan but for the entire world.

KWN 2019 Award Winners (Secondary)

Grand Prix

Sport for Living [Boxing for Life]
School: Ammartpanichnukul School
Country: Thailand

Theme: Sports
Rak, a grade student competes in boxing competitions in order to take care of his family. A documentary film that expresses the social issues of Thailand.

Best Viewpoint Award

I'm okay
School: Maui High School
Country: U.S.A

Theme: Communication
A teenage girl who is trying to accept herself, lets other influences get in the way.

Best Entertainment Award

School: Tok Janggut Secondary School
Country: Malaysia

Theme: Environment
We are shown the importance of throwing rubbish in their proper dust bins. The students help their peer learn about the growing issue of waste in Malaysia.

As for this year, 18 national winners from 12 different countries and regions were invited to Tokyo to attend the "KWN Global Contest 2019" from July 31 to August 2. During the KWN Global Contest awards on August 2, the top 6 videos from both categories were announced. In addition, the Kid's Award in which the kids voted for their favorite video was announced from the Primary Category, the video "The Deadly Support" from Beijing Haidian Wanquan Primary School of China was selected and from the Secondary Category, the video "Mirage" from Elite Private School of UAE was selected.

KWN activities are currently being conducted in 12 different countries and regions around the world as part of Panasonic's educational support activities for the next generation. This is an interactive educational program in which participating schools are supplied with video equipment and the videos they produce are judged in contests every year. The children complete the entire production process by themselves, from planning to investigation, filming and editing. First launched in the United States in 1989, KWN has now been running for 30 years with a total of more than 180,000 children and their teachers taking part so far. As for this year, around 3,800 people took part from 12 different countries and regions around the world, with video submissions from 315 schools. The five-minute videos were produced on three broad themes - "communications", "environment", and "sports" - as the children offered their own unique perspectives on issues close to them like sports, global environment, and people who have dealt with families, disabilities and PTSD.

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18 national winners from 12 different countries and regions were invited to Tokyo to attend the "KWN Global Contest 2019."

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