May 22, 2019

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ATOUN Begins Trial in the Working Site for Powered Wear with a New "Arms Support Function"

Increasing Work Efficiency Up to 37.7%

Nara, Japan - ATOUN Inc., (headquarters in Nara City, Nara Prefecture, President: Hiromichi Fujimoto) announced the beginning of trial in the working site for Powered Wear with an "arms support function" at the end of May, 2019. The prototype to be tested is the presently marketed Powered Wear "ATOUN MODEL Y" for the waist (*1) attached arms support part.
By adding the arms support function to the previous waist support function, work efficiency has been confirmed (*2) to be increased up to 37.7% compared to when Powered Wear is not used.

The concept for the arms support function was developed by Hiromichi Fujimoto, the founder and President of ATOUN, prior to establishing the company and was desired by many of the present users of Powered Wear for waist. However, many topics needed to be considered for flexible use under various conditions, and development needed to be approached cautiously and creatively, including the selective use of the arms and waist (assuming that the arms support part would be attached to the existing waist support ATOUN MODEL Y). As a result, in the functional aspect, the company achieved a certain level of quality, so the next phase is the demonstration experiments described herein.

In the near future, with merchandising in view, ATOUN plans to further fulfill the functional aspect through demonstration experiments and engage in investigating and verifying mainly specifications. At the same time, since a variety of work site data is required, from the viewpoints of both qualification and quantification, ATOUN is searching for trial partner companies to conduct demonstration experiments and custom development (*3) while working to resolve issues on its own production floor.

ATOUN will continue to work diligently with companies on their tough works while developing and disseminating powered wear that provides real support to daily operation.

*1 Powered Wear ATOUN MODEL Y for the waist
A wearable robot that reduces the burden on the waist when lifting and lowering loads from areas the floor to near waist height.
*2 Since products are optimized to match usage, the performance when merchandized is not guaranteed.
*3 To apply as a trial partner, select the "Development" subject on the ATOUN website and inquire.

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About ATOUN Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2003, invented wearable robotic devices called "Powered Wear" to help reduce physical stress on the body. ATOUN aims to achieve "Power-Barrierless Society" where the people can work regardless of their age and gender.

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A Powered Wear ATOUN MODEL Y for waist with arm support function part, the prototype to be tested, was demonstrated.

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