Aug 31, 2018

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Panasonic "Annual Report 2018" and CSR/Environmental Report Published

Osaka, Japan - On August 30, 2018, Panasonic Corporation published the "Annual Report 2018" (a financial and ESG report for the period ended March 2018) as well as CSR/Environmental report. They are available for downloading from the websites below:

Annual Report 2018

Panasonic's Annual Report is published primarily for investors. It provides information on business strategies, financial conditions, ESG (environment, social, and governance), and more to help investors make investment decisions. This year's report issued in the 100th anniversary year conveys the Company's strategy for continuing to innovate and grow further over the medium-to-long term by leveraging the strengths it has cultivated to date.

Key points

  1. Messages from management have been enriched:

    The Message from the CEO introduces strategies toward sustainable growth as Panasonic takes off for its next 100 years. The Message from the CTO introduces technological and manufacturing capabilities cultivated over the past 100 years and initiatives for accelerating innovation. The Message from the CSO and CFO presents the Company's thinking on business portfolio management in addition to investment and financial discipline.

  2. Information on governance has been enriched:

    With governance being a foundation of growth, related information has been enriched such as the Message from the Chairman of the Board in addition to a roundtable discussion by the four Outside Directors on their impressions of Panasonic's management and changes/issues related to the Board of Directors.

CSR/Environmental Report

Comprehensive reports on Panasonic's social/environmental efforts and specific activities are disclosed in the Panasonic's Sustainability Website. Major information of particular interest to stakeholders is included in the "Sustainability Data Book 2018," a PDF booklet available on our website.

Key points

  1. Reports on management structures including CSR/environmental policies and promotion systems, activities, and results

  2. Social:

    Reports on occupational health and safety, responsible supply chain, and so forth, have been enriched. Reports on initiatives aimed at addressing social issues (relationship with SDGs) and on product security have been newly added.

  3. Environment:

    Reports on activities toward the realization of Panasonic Environment Vision 2050 that guides the Panasonic Group to practice environmentally sustainable management toward 2050, and reports on the basis of items defined in the environmental action plan, "Green Plan 2018," have been included.

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