Sep 20, 2018

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Panasonic Opens "KUKAN BORN", a New Spatial Value-Creation Lab, for Architects, Transportation Operators and Developers

Tokyo, Japan - On August 20, 2018, in the studio annex of the Panasonic Center Tokyo in Ariake, KUKAN BORN opened as a spatial value-creation lab.

KUKAN BORN is a cross-value, experimental facility that reproduces spaces in actual size - including sections of large-scale architecture, commercial facilities, and mobile spaces - to create new value and add appeal by providing business owners and designers an opportunity to review the space. Not only will it provide equipment and devices, the facility aims to offer a complete spatial package, including construction and maintenance, presenting new value to B2B customers in optimal form.

Over 40 million foreign visitors to Japan are expected in 2020, and in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, not only within the metropolitan area, but across the entire country, there is an ongoing rush to build large hotels, commercial facilities, and public facilities. Of those wishing to build large, attractive spaces, some have ideas for a "space with a never-before-seen sense of wonder," and others desire a "fun space that is exciting in a completely new way." However, the majority have no specific ideas on how to do so.

It is for this reason that KUKAN BORN was created. Customers are invited to the facility to collaborate from the initial planning stages to form a vision for the next five or 10 years, establish a concept, develop technologies, and carry out proof-of-concept tests to build workable solutions. By weaving ideas together with the customer, the business model is switched from one of price competition, to value competition.


  • Wonder Big Wall (a huge 4K video space - 8 meters high x 50 meters wide);
  • Wonder Live Lounge (a demonstration of 8K VR's live broadcast to create a stadium or arena atmosphere anywhere);
  • Wonder 7 Dimensions (easy creation of content for signage to revolutionize streetscapes);
  • Wonder Mist Bar (a collaboration between Panasonic's silky fine mist and video);
And more. (15 areas in total)

To ascertain the needs of customers with regards to large spaces, the Wonder Promotion Office of the Groupwide Brand Communications Division joined the Fuerza Bruta Production Committee to carry out proof-of-concept tests for real forms of entertainment in new spaces, working on the project from 2017 to the spring of 2018. As a result, the show drew the attention of numerous developers, architects, building business owners, and others to Panasonic solutions for creating new spaces using video equipment and more. KUKAN BORN was designed on the basis of feedback from customers on the show and their requests.

Business owners, designers, and architects involved in large-scale building projects, as well as the Eco Solutions Company, Panasonic System Solutions Japan, the Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Enterprise Division, MICE Promotion Project, and other important clients, are all being invited to KUKAN BORN to see how Panasonic's resources in audio, video, lighting, air conditioning, and more, are used to create a dynamic experience beyond the imagination.

KUKAN BORN is open, only by reservation, from August 20 to September 28, 2018. Explanations and demonstrations are given to small groups of customers based on their individual needs and interests, after which participant feedback is sought. Minimum: 1 hour; maximum: 2.5 hours.

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