May 14, 2018

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Hangzhou Panasonic Aspirational Lifestyle House Opens, Inviting You to Share the Joy of the Ideal Life

Hangzhou, China - On March 22, the Aspirational Lifestyle House, run by Panasonic Corporation of China, opened in Hangzhou Panasonic Industrial Park. The inauguration of the house commemorates Panasonic's centennial anniversary and at the same time celebrates the first anniversary of Panasonic Corporation of China. At the opening ceremony, Chinese and Japanese leaders and guests of the Panasonic Group shared the joy of the ideal life.

As a space enabling experience with Panasonic's high-end products, the Aspirational Lifestyle House is designed to be a housing space filled with creative ideas. The house in its entirety is equipped with smart appliances, while creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere of modern home life. Walking around in the house, you can feel the vision of a wonderful life brought by Panasonic's smart technology from 360 degrees.

In the spacious kitchen, the induction heating stove complete with fast and smart temperature control cooks by appropriate heat that is under intelligent control; the three-in-one microwave heating, steaming, and baking oven brings an array of dishes as if by magic; and, after enjoying a great feast of delicious food, you can bid farewell to the trouble of dish washing. There're no longer things that would be a nuisance to you in the kitchen--you can cook easily, become free from the drudgery of household work, spare more time for your family, and spend the precious time together with them in the warm and comfortable environment.

In the Panasonic bathroom in the Aspirational Lifestyle House, you can feel the profound care that the sanitary products bring to your body and mind. The smart toilet seat cover has a good idea of your preferences of water flow and temperature. Incorporating a health-monitoring device, it will grasp the user's condition and provide innovative experience--it knows your body and cares more about you. The sitting-type shower enables you to wash away the fatigue from the work of the day while you are in a most comfortable posture. The "magic mirror" integrates the management of functions and pleasures in daily life, allowing the residents to experience a wonderful life brought by the intelligent bathroom. The Panasonic bathroom will play a more important role in life by fully utilizing the technological advantages of the appliances connected to the Internet to make them more useful and valuable. Making a consistent approach not only to the high-end appliances but also to the environment where they are to be used in reality, Panasonic will improve the quality of life of users in all directions.

If intelligence and cleanness can greatly enhance the happiness of home life, the smart vacuum cleaner has always occupied a certain position in people's aspiration for an ideal life. Provided with excellent functions, many models of Panasonic vacuum cleaners will liberate your hands from heavy housework, and make more time for you and your family.

From kitchen to bathroom and from cooking to other household work, you can vividly feel the joy of home life at the Aspirational Lifestyle House. And what is more important is that these scenes of the ideal life are not a mirage, but a reality within your reach in the near future.

Since its establishment in 1918, when it started business with that legendary light bulb, Panasonic has developed appliances to be used in every aspect of home life. Through the exhibition of the Aspirational Lifestyle House, we can see that Panasonic shows not only the value of each single product, but also the comprehensive strength brought by diversified product lines. By continuously developing products for the future and the ideal of a wonderful home, Panasonic hopes to create a Chinese version of the ideal life together with consumers.

From the left, Executive Officer of Panasonic Corporation and Regional Head for China & Northeast Asia Sadaaki Yokoo, President of Panasonic Corporation Kazuhiro Tsuga, Senior Managing Executive Officer Tetsuro Homma, and General Manager Wu Liang cut the ribbon to inaugurate the Aspirational Lifestyle House.

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