Apr 19, 2018

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Feel Love in the Air: Panasonic Appears in the China Refrigeration 2018

Panasonic Ecology Systems Guangdong Co., Ltd. pursues innovation and changes for a safer breathing environment

Beijing, China - From April 9 to 11, 2018, the 29th International HVAC& R Exhibition, "China Refrigeration", was held in Beijing. Dedicated to air purification products and solutions, Panasonic Ecology Systems Guangdong Co., Ltd. (PESESGD) took part in the exhibition with numerous innovative products to show its competitive edge in research and development as well as its response to a wide range of market demand.

Nowadays, in a highly industrialized world, food, water, and even the air we breathe have been a grave threat to human health. Based on the theme "Improving quality and efficiency, pursuing balanced development, staying true to the original intention, and creating the future together," this year's China Refrigeration responds positively to national government policies and pays great attention to the green industry. PESESGD, under the theme of "Feel Love in the Air," shows its position leading the industry and the results of its exploration for improvement in the quality of air and daily life, by displaying brand-new household and a commercial Energy Recovery Ventilator.

PESESGD has showcased brand-new air purifying products in this year's exhibition, such as a thin-type Energy Recovery Ventilator , wall-mounted type Energy Recovery Ventilator and commercial air purifier, attracting huge attention from home users and professional customers on the site. In particular the Energy Recovery Ventilator integrating a high purification rate and intelligent applications does not only realize an upgraded performance but also caters to the needs of the market. PESESGD and Panasonic Group manifest their focus on innovation, presenting a new experience customers can have with the efficient, noiseless, light, thin, and easy-to-use high quality Energy Recovery Ventilator.

As a highlight of the PESESGD booth, a behind story in the laboratory was shared to the public for the first time. The development team needed repeated discussions and attempts on deciding the materials, appearance and functions of a product and so did in each stage of the development, from designing to manufacturing. The story showed that at every step the team had to make difficult choices from multiple options and rendered adjustments for improving what they have chosen. The story, well describing the Panasonic way of thinking in R&D, helped the audience better understand and acknowledge the company.

PESESGD provides Chinese consumers with reasonable proposals for each scene of life, according to their demands and habits. Regardless of what kind of products it develops, such as a product for use by the aged, or equipment that nicely fits to a limited space, or a model that would have required replacement of a filter for a long period of time, PESESGD always considers such conditions in advance so as to bring the solutions needed by different customers. PESESGD Managing Director Susumu Yamauchi says, "We will develop a customized service-oriented business model, interact more with consumers, and expand our business in China with a perspective totally same as the consumers'."

PESESGD Managing Director Susumu Yamauchi was interviewed by a journalist from BTV News Channel

PESESGD corporate vision: We hope that everyone can breathe in safe and healthy air in any place. With this policy set as a guideline, the Panasonic ventilation system aims to create a clean environment at homes, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, offices, and senior care homes. To become a guardian of health is also the goal Panasonic will work for in the years ahead.

Taking responsibility and care for its products and businesses, consumers and the whole society, PESESGD will continue to lead the industry, make itself the No.1 brand in ventilation, and continuously promote healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient ventilation products in the market.

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PESESGD booth at "China Refrigeration 2018"

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