Apr 23, 2018

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Panasonic Takes Huge Strides in Pakistan - Holding a Dealers' Convention and Opening Two Showrooms

Lahore, Pakistan - Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) unveiled all the latest products across different categories at its annual dealers' convention held recently at Avari Hotel, Lahore. Attended by the main distributors of Panasonic in Pakistan, this event gave the dealers an opportunity to experience the new consumer appliances that will be introduced to the market in the coming months.

Gracing the occasion was Panasonic's Managing Director for the Middle East and Africa region, Hiroki Soejima, who emphasized that Pakistan remains a vital market for the brand. "Pakistan is a fast-growing economy and has a vibrant middle income group population with a rapidly rising purchasing power. The consumers' desire for premium goods is greater than ever, and this presents tremendous opportunities for Panasonic. As a company which always puts customers first, and as we continue to strengthen a legacy of excellence that we have nurtured over the past 100 years, our focus will remain on developing and offering high-quality products that matches our ethos to provide 'a better life, a better world," said Soejima in his keynote address.

As a customer-centric company, Panasonic plans to boost Pakistan's consumer confidence, by not just selling products, but as a premium lifestyle Japanese brand through innovation across products and solutions it offers. To reinforce this commitment, last year PMMAF launched one of the biggest consumer marketing campaign "Makers of Quality. Mastered in Japan." In Pakistan across all media which garnered a substantial increase in the brand's recall.

Panasonic also recently tied up with Pakistan's celebrity chef Ms. Shireen Anwar for the show "Panasonic Quality Kitchen" which is already being aired on Masala TV.

The brand will continue to strengthen its bond with the local consumers and to propel this, Panasonic plans to launch another consumer campaign in the holy month of Ramzan (Ramadan), as announced by Soejima during the event.

Panasonic's annual dealer convention delivered a valuable experience for the dealers to support them in remaining relevant to the end customers. In addition to the product showcase, the convention also became an ideal platform for partners and dealers to learn about the industry-leading technologies of the new solutions through touch-and-try demos. PMMAF also conducted an appreciation ceremony for all dealers where all dealers were presented certificates and commemorative shields as a token of gratitude.

The latest products that PMMAF showcased at the convention were:

Air Conditioners

Panasonic displayed its newest range of Air Conditioners, among them models CS-YE18TKF-9 and CU-YE18TKF-9. These Air Conditioners feature the Jet Stream technology and distinct enhancements, such as the Aerowings that allow the air conditioners to precisely control air flow and enable faster cooling. Jet Stream Air Conditioners also come with Smart Inverter Compressor, which makes it around 30% more energy efficient compared to a non-inverter model. Other models featured were CS-PC18TKF, CU-PC18TKF, CS-YE18TKF-9, CU-YE18TKF-9, CS-YC18TKF, CU-YC18TKF and CS-C18TKF.

Home Appliances

Taking center stage at the Home Appliances category are Panasonic's food processors MK-F500WTN, MK-F800STN, MK-ZJ2700KTN and MK-ZJ3500KTN, Electric Irons NI-GSE050ATH and NI-U700, and Electric Rice Cooker SR-GA421LUA. The brand's premium inverter microwave oven NN-CD997SPTE, meanwhile, was a major attraction in the category. The Premium Vacuum Cleaner display was top-billed by the innovative MC-CJ915R149 model.

In the major home appliances category, the featured products included Panasonic's intelligently-designed refrigerators among them NR-BC40MSAS, NR-BC49MSAS, NR-BE647ASAS, NR-BE755ASAS, NR-BS60DSZA, NR-BS60MSAS, NR-BS701GKAS and NR-F681GT-XE models. The washing machine showcase, on the other hand, featured NA-127MB2WAS, NA-S085M1LAS, NA-107VC5WAS, NA-F115A1WRW, NA-F135A1WRW, NA-F150A3WRU, NA-F70S7WRU and NA-F90A1WRU.

Audio & Video Solutions

The Japanese manufacturer featured a range of AV and home entertainment solutions, among them: Urban Audio music systems topped by the powerful and elegant SC-UX100GS-K; Home Theater and Sound Bar systems (SC-BTT785GSK, SC-XH166GS-K, SC-XH105GS-K, SC-HT31GS-K, SC-HT19GS-K, SC-HTB488EGK); the compact multi-format DMP-BD73GC-K Blu-Ray Player; DVD players DVD-S700EP-K and DVD-S500GF-K; portable radios (RF-562DDGU-K, R-218DDGU-S and RF-3500E9-K); and a host of accessories such as wireless headphones (including RP-DH1250E-S, RP-HF500ME-K and RP-HF100ME-K), and earphones (including RP-TCM105E-W, RP-TCM50E-W). Standing out in this category is the premium OLED TV TH-65EZ1000M.

Beauty and Personal Care

In the beauty and personal care segment, the main highlight was Panasonic's unique beard styler ER-GD60-T751, which is ideal for detailing and designing of beards. Aside from this, the company also introduced its new body trimmer ER-GK60-S421, and the new wet/dry epilator ES-EL8A-P461.

Water Dispenser (New Introduction)

Panasonic also introduced its newest product category of water dispensers which are high efficiency compressor cooling dispensers that offer features such as hot, cold & normal water options, anti-finger proof stainless steel cabinet doors, LED light for night time usage, overheat prevention double safety devise, child safety lock and a choice of top or bottom loading design.

Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa has opened two new brand showrooms in Karachi as part of the company's business strategy to expand customer touch points in Pakistan.

Raafi's Panatech
Address: Showroom #6, Clifton Center, Schon Circle, Block 5, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan [Facebook]

SE Digital
Address: Shop#1 Makki House, Block 3, Near Sharfabad Chowrangi, Karachi, Pakistan

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