Feb 08, 2018

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Panasonic Verifies Usefulness of Its Sports Spectator Solutions at "BEYOND STADIUM" Organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Tokyo, Japan - The Panasonic Group (Panasonic Corporation, Panasonic Information Systems Co., Ltd.) conducted a demonstration experiment of its sports spectator solutions at "BEYOND STADIUM" organized on January 28, 2018 (Sunday) by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government at the Aoyama Gakuin University Memorial Hall. These solutions feature a "multi-video streaming system" that combines audio and video streaming to enhance and enliven spectator experience for people with disabilities.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has launched an initiative that supports para sports, "TEAM BEYOND," and on the day of this event, they announced that there are more than 1 million registered project members. "BEYOND STADIUM" was an event organized as part of the "TEAM BEYOND" initiative that offered people an opportunity to watch 2 para sports, Boccia and "five-a-side football (blind football)." Spectators experienced firsthand the allure of these sports and together created the best ambience, the optimal support for the sport.

At the event venue, Panasonic provided its "multi-video streaming system," which enabled spectators to enjoy the game while listening to the audio and/or watching the video on their smartphones and tablets. Three channels - "video + audio," "audio only," and "video only" - were available, and especially on the "audio only" channel, Panasonic offered more detailed commentary, providing a service that was also enjoyable for visually impaired spectators.

Of around 700 spectators that came to the event, approximately 200 used this service. In addition to video streaming, with "Boccia," the system offered audio commentary with more detailed information than stadium announcements. For "blind football," 2 types of commentary were provided, one was by a guest sports journalist, Tetsuo Nakanishi, and the other that described what was happening on the pitch in great detail for visually impaired spectators to enhance their spectator experience. People who used the service said, "blind football is a quiet game, but this service added another layer of fun." "The commentary was suitable for each sport, and we had fun watching." This demonstration proved the utility of the "multi-video streaming service" to enhance and enliven spectator experience.

Based on the data gathered through this demonstration experiment, Panasonic will make further improvements in preparation for 2020 to provide products and services that are kind to all people, including those with disabilities and the elderly. Panasonic will also create new value for its sports spectator solutions, which will help raise awareness for para sports and offer a new way to enjoy these sports.

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