Dec 27, 2017

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The Quest for "Smarter and Purer Air" - Panasonic Announces New "Fresh Air System" Genre Products in China

Beijing, China - In China, with the government moving to strengthen environmental regulations, the degree of public concern with air-related issues has never been higher. For its part, Panasonic has been active in the field of air-related business endeavors for nearly 100 years. In China, championing the slogan of "Changing the Air will Change the Future," Panasonic is channeling its energies into the pursuit of outstanding Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

On December 26, 2017 in Beijing, Panasonic Ecology Systems Guangdong Co., Ltd. (PESESGD) held the new product announcement for its fiscal 2017 Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) series (Chinese name "Fresh Air System").

The announcement attracted 30 media companies from China and two from Japan. PESESGD Managing Director Yoshiyuki Hanamura opened the event with a greeting to the assembled group. He was followed by Deputy Managing Director Susumu Yamauchi, who discussed IAQ business initiatives in China; Deputy Managing Director Toshifumi Otsuki, who commented on the positioning of the company's Beijing Factory; General Manager of the Sales Division in China Kousuke Shigehiro, who profiled the IAQ product sales strategy in China; and Research and Development Center Director Hidenori Shougen and Product Planning Department General Manager Deng Yu Yong, who delivered explanations of the new products.

Panasonic is mobilizing technology accumulated over the years to help resolve the IAQ issues in China. Symbolized by the key watchword of "Smarter and Purer Air," the project took the form of developing a new ERV product series. Marketed on this occasion were the "Home-Use Thin-Type ERV System" and "Wall-Mounted Type ERV System." The key characteristics of these new models are explained below.

Home-Use Thin-Type ERV System

In China, recent years have witnessed an unprecedented rise in concern and interest in the PM2.5 challenge. This need also extends to ERV systems, which, while offering superb energy-saving performance, are also facing demands for even higher PM2.5 purification rates. In response, while these new products fully uphold basic functions such as the airflow volume, static pressure, thin dimensions and low-noise levels present in conventional models, PM2.5 purification rates of over 98% have likewise been achieved. Meanwhile, in response to the expanding use of smartphones, tablets and other portable devices, in addition to the existing wire-connected liquid crystal remote control units, these units also make it possible to display indoor air quality and operate with Wi-Fi supported portable device applications. Customers may choose between the liquid crystal remote control and portable device modes.

Wall-Mounted Type ERV System

Amidst surging demand for ERV systems in China, Panasonic received inquiries and requests for installation of such systems in existing residences. This prompted addition of the wall-mounted type ERV to the product line, with the new wall models announced on December 26 successfully improving basic functions while achieving PM2.5 purification rates of over 98%. To make it easier for users to grasp the effects of these ERV systems, sensors for tracking temperature, humidity, PM2.5 and other data are onboard to measure indoor air quality on a real-time basis. A special mode has also been added for operation when outdoor PM2.5 concentration is high, preventing outside air from getting indoors to maintain low PM2.5 levels inside residences.

Panasonic is using these new offerings to further advance the proliferation of ERV systems, while likewise carrying on the quest for thoroughly reliable IAQ in various different products. In this way, the goal is to continue to make meaningful contributions to raising the quality of indoor air both in China and around the world.

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Panasonic Ecology Systems Guangdong Co., Ltd. (PESESGD) held the new product announcement

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