Sep 19, 2017

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Panasonic Will Bring to Market Aspherical Glass Lenses (Square Type) for Compact High-speed Optical Transmission Modules

Mass Production to Begin in October 2017

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation, Automotive & Industrial Systems Company will bring to market a square type aspherical glass lens (EYLGUFB506 series) with external dimensions of 1.0mm x 1.0mm optimal for compact high-speed optical transmission modules used at wireless communication base stations and data centers, and mass production of these lenses will begin in October 2017. Using proprietary molding die processing and glass molding technology, Panasonic has yielded external dimension accuracy for micrometer orders and central position accuracy, which will contribute the miniaturization of optical transmission modules and improvement of lens mounting.

With the global widespread of mobile telecommunications and developments in cloud services, optical data transmission between wireless communication base stations and communication systems within data centers is expanding. While large volumes of data will need to be sent at even faster speeds, miniaturized high-density devices and modules are also being demanded. To realize this, the miniaturization and excellent mountability of aspherical glass lenses are key points. Based on its proprietary high-density molding die processing and glass material processing technologies, and glass molding technology, Panasonic will bring to the market compact square type aspherical glass lenses that delivers high mounting accuracy.

Features of the square type (EYLGUFB506 series) lenses

  1. Compact, highly accurate, and provides excellence cost performance

    External dimensions: L1.0 x W1.0 x T0.63mm / Panasonic's conventional models featured circular lenses

    Square type aspherical lenses are required to use special production processes, so achieving both accuracy and mass production has been our challenge. With the evolution of Panasonic's proprietary molding die processing, glass material processing and glass molding technologies, Panasonic has succeeded in developing a nearly square-shaped aspherical glass lens without employing any special processes. While being compact and highly accurate, Panasonic has also improved the ability to mass produce these lenses, thereby providing excellent cost performance.

  2. Yielding high mounting accuracy by achieving the positional accuracy of under 5 micrometers from the flat part of the outer circumference to the central position of the lens (vertical positional adjustment not needed when affixing the lens mount)

    Improved mountability is demanded when using square lenses for compact high-speed optical transmission modules. Panasonic's square lenses have successfully improved the positional accuracy from the flat part of the outer circumference of the four sides of lenses to the center to under 5 micrometers using highly accurate molding die processing and glass molding technologies. Vertical position adjustment is no longer necessary when affixing the lens, contributing to the mounting accuracy during module assembly.

  3. Created rounded square lenses, which prevents the external frame of the lens from chipping caused by contact and crash when being handled during assembly and mounting and while being transported in trays

    Lenses are optical glass products, so they are easily chipped when being handled during mounting or contact and crash during transport in trays. Especially when handling small products, jigs and tools necessary to prevent lenses from chipping during mounting and the way they had been handled had an adverse effect on their mountability. Advancements in Panasonic's glass molding technology has made it possible to give these square lenses a rounded exterior surface, which helps to mitigate damage during transport and mounting process.


High-speed optical transmission modules, laser diode applications, optical fiber applications, etc.

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Aspherical Glass Lenses (Square Type) for Compact High-speed Optical Transmission Modules

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